Mazda is discontinuing the delivery of the MX-30

Mazda is discontinuing the delivery of the MX-30

It seems Mazda Germany has limited deliveries and pre-registrations of its electric MX-30 model. This emerges from media reports. Consumers are threatened with a reduction in e-car payments, although Mazda may want to compensate for this.

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“Westfalen-Blatt” reports that Mazda has found “that the EC type approval of the Mazda MX-30 2022 contains incorrect information on technical specifications, which must be corrected by an amendment to the EC type approval”. When asked by the newspaper, Mazda noted that it was on the news about the fast charging of the battery after a software update in the spring of this year.

With the update, Mazda has increased the charging power of the MX-30. Corresponding information appears to be missing from the paper. According to the report, MX-30s that have already been approved are not affected. Once the type approval has been amended, submissions and first registrations can proceed. Mazda promises compensation for cars that can no longer be produced this year for this reason and can enjoy a full environmental bonus.

“If the revised EC type approval is not obtained in 2022 and for this reason no first registration in 2022 is possible, Mazda will consider the effects of the reduction in subsidies to customers with a confirmed delivery date in 2022, so that these customers do not suffer losses any financial loss due to the delay in first registrations occurs,” a Mazda spokesperson was quoted as saying. “Less than 1,000 vehicles” are said to be affected.

Updated 01/12/2023: The suspension of deliveries and pre-registrations imposed by Mazda in December 2022 for the electric MX-30 model in Germany due to incorrect information about type approval has now been lifted. A spokesman for the manufacturer told “Westfalen-Blatt”. Type approval (see above) is now corrected. The move affected “less than 1000 cars”, as it was said. Customers had to wait several weeks for their new car.

The delay in the registration of the affected electric vehicles meant that customers no longer received the full amount of financing that was valid in Germany until the end of 2022. However, Mazda had already promised in advance that it would cover the difference., (update)