Mazda MX-30 with a discount of more than 10,000 euros

Mazda MX-30 with a discount of more than 10,000 euros

It belongs to Carwow Mazda MX-30 among the most famous cars! And of course not without reason: apart from that SUV In this size category, which is currently very popular, the Japanese company scores points with its chic and unique design. And the car is also currently unique!

All with the addition “e-Skyactiv EV“provided Example variants run on electricity and produce 107 kW (145 hp). But things are very interesting with the name”e-Skyactiv R-EV“. Because in fact, this is a plug-in hybrid – although only the electric motor transmits its power to the wheels. In addition to the electric motor, there is also a Wankel engine installed.


Mazda MX-30

instead of EUR 45,040.00

The Wankel engine as a range extender

An additional combustion engine ensures that the battery is charged up to 36 kW – the Wankel engine feeds the electric motor and acts as a range extender. According to the manufacturer, a total distance of up to 680 km should be possible. The E-Skyactiv R-EV provides… SUV always 125 kW (170 hp) – regardless of whether it is a basic model or advanced equipment.

But what is more interesting than the specific type of car is the savings MX-30 currently available at Carwow: up to 10,585 euros included! This maximum storage applies to the e-Skyactiv Edition R-EV model. The base price here is usually 45,050 euros. The bottom line is that there are only 34,680 euros left!