Mazda MX-5, the best-selling roadster in the world.  Test, specifications and price list

Mazda MX-5, the best-selling roadster in the world. Test, specifications and price list

Including the unique, Mazda MX-5 is from its nature a breath of fresh air designed to illuminate the driving experience using lightness, maneuverability, precision and dynamic balance. The continued success of the Japanese roadster powered by naturally aspirated engines continues with the successful update to the fourth generation that we tested on the high-altitude roads of Terminillo. The Mazda MX-5 used in this 300 km test is the Sport Skyactiv G version powered by a 2.0L petrol engine with 184 horsepower, connected only to the rear wheels via an excellent and rare six-speed gearbox.


The MX-5 is a two-door, two-seater sports compact that is 3.92 meters long. The ground clearance is only 1.25 meters and from the sloping bonnet with LED lights to the rear tail to hide the trunk of 130 liters (must travel with small and soft suitcases), the silhouette is current and slim. Once in the passenger compartment – a space occupied by the best driving ability and characterized by dark shades – the top of the line can be opened and closed with a quick gesture of the guide. For tall people, the space at the shoulder and head level can be a little but in general and especially in relation to the type of car, the Recaro seats are ergonomic and the overall comfort is good. The dashboard extends horizontally with round “climate” air vents and stereo speakers are included in the headrests. The materials include alcantara, leather, color references to the bodywork and plastics that, although hard, seem to have been worked with care. Storage compartments, some with USB sockets, are small in size but still functional and easy to store keys, mobile phones and documents. The driving position is low down and the steering wheel is also deeply adjustable.

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by Matteo Morichini, by Matteo Morichini


A 7′ screen is placed at the top of the dashboard and options related to connectivity, navigation, music and general settings are controlled by an analog wheel in the main tunnel. To the left of the digital speedometer, trip data and consumption are estimated. The multimedia system is not of the latest generation and does not include unlimited logic but the selection processes work well all the same. It is also possible to send input via voice commands.


The MX-5 expresses its maximum ability on winding roads while weighing only 1020 kg, well-adjusted steering, accurate gear changes and always controllable delivery of the 2.0L expected to create the best conditions for a satisfying and rich car. .. retro feel. The differential is very useful in transporting the horse on the tarmac and the traction control switches off immediately to enable controlled oversteer. The engine’s 184 HP and 205Nm of torque gets the job done, becoming more intense between 4,000 and 7,000 rpm. Deceleration and acceleration (time from 0-100km/h is 6.5 seconds), driving the manual gearbox is always a pleasure and even forcing acceleration when changing direction, the car remains basically flat. Good lateral grip is then supported by firm and predictable responses which in turn restore confidence to the driver. When moving forward with sports styles, the spider of Hiroshima is a collection of agility, rotational speed and balance of power. During our test, in which we also covered 80km of highway (a context in which a slight rustle is heard and the engine revs to 3,200 rpm), the average consumption recorded by the on-board computer was 7.1l/100km. Finally, the Japanese road surprised us with its unexpected comfort in urban trips thanks to shock absorbers and suspension that can reduce the impact of potholes, bumps and worn road surfaces.


The MX-5 has surpassed 1.1 million units delivered and thus, remains the best-selling and most popular roadster in the world.


For lovers of driving like it used to be; alive, reactive and instinctive without too much electronic interference.


MX-5 prices start at €29,900 for the 1.5L engine version and €34,950 for the 2.0L Skyactiv G model.


In terms of price and adjustable rear-wheel drive configuration, the Mx-5 no longer has direct rivals. For different reasons and considering only the models in production now, only the Mini Cooper Cabrio and the new Toyota GR86 can be considered as possible alternatives.