Mazda’s new patent drawings show a model with a Wankel engine

Mazda’s new patent drawings show a model with a Wankel engine

( – It’s been almost a decade since now Mazda he built a car with a Wankel engine. The last example was RX-8, which ceased production in 2012. Since then there have been rumors about a successor, but none have materialized so far. Mazda has announced that it will bring the crossover back to the market, but only as an addition to electric models such as the MX-30.

Mazda’s patented rear-wheel drive, rotary engine and hybrid


But Mazda still leaves room for more models. This time, for example, the patent points to something more exciting than a rangefinder on a small electric SUV. A recent filing by the manufacturer suggests that the company is considering rear-wheel drive and hybrid technology powered by a rotary engine.

It’s not the first time Mazda has patented a Wankel hybrid system. A few years ago, the company registered a car with a combustion engine and an electric motor. It is also stated that it can be connected to a rotary engine.

However, the new patent clearly shows the Wankel unit in the foreground. And that’s not all: the car will use a 3-disc arrangement. The last time Mazda did this was on Eunos Cosmo Coupe from the early 90s. Judging by the layout, a possible future concept could be based on Mazda’s new rear-wheel drive platform.

However, there is one limitation with patents: Just because a manufacturer has applied for a patent does not mean that it will implement these ideas as well. However, Mazda’s patents show that the company is not ready to abandon the development of the Wankel engine.

Another patent filed in August 2021 shows a type of coupe rear. If it is a reference to what was shown in 2015 RX Vision Concept actions? We don’t know. But it continues to fuel rumors about the Wankel coupe.

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