McDonald’s adds a Japanese daifuku pie to its menu for a limited time

McDonald’s adds a Japanese daifuku pie to its menu for a limited time

This novel offering involves the amalgamation of the modest McDonald’s apple pie casing with a subtle infusion of strawberry to bestow it with a pink hue that impeccably emulates the sakura, which is presently beginning to bloom in Japan.

Contained within this pastry are identical constituents as those found in a strawberry daifuku — mochi sticky rice, red bean paste, and, of course, strawberry. McDonald’s confesses that the process of concocting the perfect combination of flavors and textures to replicate the esteemed dessert was an arduous feat.

Nevertheless, they believe that they have conquered the challenge by amalgamating strawberries into the mochi and providing just the right amount of bean paste to create a harmonious equilibrium of sour and sweet notes.

A delicacy of this exquisiteness warrants being savored in an aesthetically pleasing milieu to heighten the sensory experience. McDonald’s showcases the pie’s alluring appearance against the cherry blossoms in a novel television commercial broadcasted nationwide to promote the novelty.

It is an ingenious tactic to encourage patrons to share their images with the newly released pie on social media. However, the predicament lies in choosing the appropriate photographs to share!

One thing you will not desire to share, however, is the pie itself, which will only be available on the menu for a limited duration, starting from 22 March to mid-April, and priced at 160 yen (US$1.20).