McLaren Applied reveals path to besting Tesla in the EV industry

McLaren Applied reveals path to besting Tesla in the EV industry

McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) has unveiled a strategy for outmaneuvering Tesla in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The specialist engineering firm, whose parent company is the iconic British sports car manufacturer, has laid out a path to creating a competitive edge in the rapidly growing EV sector.

MAT’s blueprint is centred on the notion of ‘holistic EV engineering’, a practice that looks to exploit the full potential of EV technologies by integrating them into a unified system. The concept is predicated on the idea that, for EVs to reach their full potential, the components of the vehicle must be considered in tandem.

The firm has identified four key areas that it believes require attention. These include powertrain efficiency, battery technology, vehicle integration, and thermal and energy management. Each of these areas will be addressed through MAT’s advanced engineering capabilities, which leverage the expertise of its parent company, McLaren Automotive.

MAT believes that, if these areas are addressed correctly, it is possible to create a vehicle that is more efficient, lighter and more powerful than any existing EV. This could give McLaren a major competitive edge over Tesla, and other EV manufacturers, in the increasingly crowded EV marketplace.

The firm is confident that this approach has the potential to revolutionise the EV industry, and to help usher in a new era of electric mobility. It will be interesting to see how this plan plays out in the coming years, as the EV market continues to evolve.