McLaren has managed to develop a temporary solution to the brake problems

McLaren has managed to develop a temporary solution to the brake problems

During testing near Barcelona, ​​the McLaren team appeared to be the dark horse of this year’s World Cup, but after arriving in Bahrain, feelings quickly faded when the team’s braking problems were revealed.

The second round of tests in warmer weather was characterized by a decrease in time and attempts to find a quick solution to the problem.

It didn’t work out in the end, but the Woking factory has been working at full capacity for the past seven days to prepare the MCL36 patch kit.

The special metal covers for the brake discs may not look very good, but they say they do their job to a satisfactory degree.

“Brake cooling systems are a difficult part if we consider the whole F1 car,” Andreas Seidl said. “So we’ve been in a race against time to come up with a temporary solution here. This is not a final and complete solution to the problem.”

“Nevertheless, we did our best. The factory has been working faster in the last seven or eight days to produce a car solution here, which we now have to evaluate in the first and second training sessions.”

“Hopefully this will allow us to get back to our normal driving style and the rhythms that we lost somewhere in testing. Then we’ll see what to do next.”

When asked about the possible loss in performance associated with the new solution, Seidl replied, “We have not yet determined this through the operation of the route. We need to see what we can get from this transitional solution. It is too early to judge.”