McLaren ‘lies’ and comes with an electric SUV

McLaren ‘lies’ and comes with an electric SUV

McLaren was one of the few brands that promised not to create an SUV. You thought: they fell under pressure.

That reports the British coach Leo. The information has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer itself, but the conventional method of highly skilled cars has indications that McLaren has surrendered after all and has started with an electric SUV in his nursery. The model will be McLaren’s first production with more than three seats (!).

It is not profitable

And that’s a shame, because McLaren was, as stated, one of the developers who insisted on not creating an SUV. In 2018, Mike Flewitt, CEO of the brand at the time, said: “You don’t have to be an accountant to see that a McLaren SUV can’t be profitable,” he explained at the time. “We must build a model like this from scratch. Can we immediately build a better version of the Range Rover or Porsche Cayenne? Sure, but it costs billions! With our current production figures, we will never repay such an investment.

CEO: ‘McLaren not for sale’

Porsche even comes with an SUV model over this popular Cayenne.

That McLaren is now coming with an SUV is no surprise. Business is not doing well in British Working, so every effort is made to ensure a healthy future. The company is now selecting a solution that seems safe at first. Performance SUVs are sold as hot cakes and so McLaren also thinks it could be a financial saving. There is nothing sacred anymore with the builder of a sports car. In addition, the brand is now led by German Michael Leiters, who as an engineer at Porsche observed how Cayenne and Macan brought the mountains of gold.

Porsche comes with an SUV over the Cayenne

Electric SUV from McLaren

Where many other manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari, opting for a model with a combustion engine, the high-legged McLaren once goes perfectly electric. Internal combustion engine is not in the application. It will start with one example, which will appear in several variants. Consider four-wheel drive versions with two or even three electric motors. According to Autocar, the models will cost around £ 350,000, or more than four tons. The McLaren SUV will appear in the second half of this decade, by 2030.

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