McLaren misses Superpole, Ferrari sure

McLaren misses Superpole, Ferrari sure

( – In the four-part qualifying session, the 20 participants in the Superpole for the 24 Hours of Business 2021 (in the live stream!) were decided, from the 21st starting positions already taken. After the session, the Iron Lynx Ferraris were the favorites for pole, although a few other drivers also posted strong times.

Iron Lynx Ferraris are pole favorites


But the width of the factory-backed Ferrari 488 GT3 couldn’t be beat. Iron Lynx Ferrari #71 (Rigon/Serra/Fuoco) was fastest with an average of 2:16.920 minutes. Antonio Fuoco’s lap in Q2 was excellent. The Italian set a new course record for GT3 cars with SRO-BoP at 2:16.486 minutes. The old stamp was from 2017. (Total qualifying results)

Lucas Auer in the #57 Winward-Mercedes (Liebhauser/Ferrari/Auer/Ward; 31) came within four thousandths of a second of his time. But that was during Q4 when it was already dark and therefore cold and the track had more grip. Auer’s fast time was no longer enough for the Superpole because his teammates had left too far behind.

The Iron-Lynx-Ferrari #51 (Molina/Nielsen/Calado; 2) scored a one-two for the Iron Lynx with an average time of 2:17.098 minutes. In addition to the two Ferraris, five Audis, four Lamborghinis, four Mercedes-AMGs, two Porsches, two Lamborghinis and one Aston Martin entered the Superpole.

Photo: Business 24 Hours 2022, Practice and Qualifying

17 of these cars are from the Pro Cup, which is about the overall standings. Three other cars deserve special mention: Emil-Frey-Lamborghini #14 (White/Tujula/Lappalainen; 16), WRT-Audi #30 (Neubauer/Goethe/Simmenauer; 17) and HRT-Mercedes #777 ( Schiller /Al Zubair/ Jefferies/Morad; 20th) are out of the Silver Cup. However, no car from the newly created Gold Cup entered the Superpole.

Winners from 2019 are just entering

Of course, several cars from the Pro Cup also sat out. Surprisingly, no McLaren managed to qualify for the Superpole session. Jota-McLaren #38 (Bell/Wilkinson/Kirchhöfer), who was tipped for overall victory, only managed 28th place and thus finished behind the 720S from Garage59 from the Silver Cup.

The BMW guys from Rowe-BMW #50 (Verhagen/Hesse/Harper; 21st) also fell out of the top 20 in Q4 because Kevin Estre in GPX-Porsche #221 (Estre/Christensen/Lietz; 19) got another. ticket. The winning team from 2019 was still outside the top 20 before Q4.

EMA Porsche #74 (Campbell/Jaminet/Nasr; 22), TF Sport Aston Martin #23 (Riberas/Gunn/Eastwood; 23), WRT-Audi #46 (Vervisch/N. Müller/Rossi) next to Valentino Rossi and KCMG -Porsche #47 (Tandy/L. Vanthoor/Olsen; 64), who had to retire in Q3 with ABS problems.

Q2 and Q3 each had to be red-flagged. In Q2, the Herberth-Porsche #911 (Bohn/A. Renauer/ R. Renauer; 66th) rolled into the Bruxelles curve unscathed. In the next session, Tyler Cooke left the Leipert-Lamborghini #27 (Cooke/Leitch/Tutumlu Lopez/Weering; 65th) at Raidillon. That should mean a turnaround for Leipert Motorsport.

It was not the first accident in Passage Eau Rouge/Raidillon. ST-BMW #28 (Tan/Wittmer/Gottsacker/Oosten) landed on the tire wall during free practice on Thursday afternoon with Maxime Oosten at the wheel. However, Samantha Tan’s team has already rebuilt the BMW for pre-qualifying – a second free practice session, which serves as a replacement in the event of qualifying being cancelled.

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There were three other red flags in free practice, including Rossi’s Audi. Everything else was harmless, including two red flags in pre-qualifying which were caused by the two EBM Porsches.

The best times were achieved by WRT-Audi #32 (D. Vanthoor/van der Linde/Weerts) and Iron-Lynx-Ferrari #51. Thursday is not over yet; night practice began immediately after qualifying. (Schedule 24h Spa 2022)