McLaren ‘very satisfied’ with 2022 car development: ‘Week after week of progress’

McLaren ‘very satisfied’ with 2022 car development: ‘Week after week of progress’

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is “very satisfied” with the progress of the 2022 car. The team is making progress week by week, he says, but the German is not yet ready to set specific targets for the new season: “Most importantly, this car it’s another step forward.”

It will be an exciting winter for the teams and fans of Formula 1. With the new rules there is again an opportunity for the teams to take a big step forward, but that means that the teams can lose. The cars should be less bothered by the exhaust, which should make the race a little easier. In addition, there is little room for creative thinking in the law in certain areas.

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Setting specific goals when it is not yet clear where the team is in relation to others is difficult. “However, as a team we usually try to set ambitious but also realistic goals,” said McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl in an interview with. “From my perspective, I’m very happy with the progress I’m seeing right now.”

“The car responds to development,” continues Seidl. “We’re really making progress week by week in the wind tunnel. We’ll just see what that brings us in the first qualifying session in Bahrain.”

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For 2022, Seidl doesn’t want to put too much emphasis on a particular final position. He would like to see McLaren make a step forward compared to 2021, even if that means a worse final classification because other teams have made big strides. “For me, the most important thing is that the development of this car is another step forward compared to the development of recent years,” says Seidl.

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