McLaren vs. Germany.  BMW wants to develop electric equipment with it, Audi wants to take over the F1 team

McLaren vs. Germany. BMW wants to develop electric equipment with it, Audi wants to take over the F1 team

Do you remember the news from a few months ago that Audi wanted to take over McLaren, with an emphasis on the F1 team? It turns out that BMW also got into the action, and the whole situation took on a new color.

McLaren seems to be the target of many German companies. A few months ago, there was news about the alleged takeover of this British production by Audi. The reports were flatly denied by both sides of the agreement, however there was a grain of truth in the whole game.

British Autocar, citing its sources at McLaren and Audi, has consistently maintained that talks between the two parties are ongoing. Audi is primarily about the F1 team, thanks to which it can enter the competition in 2026. Volkswagen, for its part, is in talks with Red Bull, which would also support him from the 2026 season.

F1 McLaren

Finally, an official announcement should be made in the coming days. Now, however, BMW has joined the fun. The Munich brand has no intention of taking on an F1 team – here the engineering prowess of the Woking brand hit the spot.

BMW wants to create an electric car platform with McLaren

Depending Automobilwoche and European Car News negotiations between BMW and McLaren have already begun. However, it is difficult to say at what stage they are and if they will bring any positive impact.

Only the signing of the agreement between the McLaren and BMW brands on March 24 is not official. Under it, work on a platform intended for sports cars should begin.

This would suggest that BMW is considering building a supercar – fully electric, of course. McLaren’s expertise, especially in weight reduction, seems to be the best part of this big puzzle.

McLaren 720S Warsaw At the same time, Audi will not stop going

As reported by the British media, Audi’s offer has increased to 650 million euros (from the previous 450 million euros). Such a move would allow the takeover of the Formula 1 segment, while opening the door to the possible inclusion of McLaren in the ranks of the concern.

One thing is for sure – the bold moves of all three brands will definitely bring about a big change in the market. The revolution in Formula 1 is certain – Volkswagen has fought against the law to withdraw from the big plan. expensive MGU-H system. This was one of the conditions for VW’s possible entry into the F1 game.

At the same time, Germany is setting new conditions for engine development from the 2026 season, when they intend to make an official appearance on the track. Reduce fuel consumption and improve engine fuel efficiency.