Meet Justin Kluivert’s new Audi

Meet Justin Kluivert’s new Audi

In December last year, 23-year-old Justin Kluivert was able to pick up his new Audi RS6 from Absolute Motors, but the cake was not yet finished. About two weeks ago, Patrick Kluivert’s son visited the company again, this time for a different reason. The OGC Nice player went through to see how his new Audi Audi RSQ8 performed.

Audi Audi RSQ8 by Justin Kluivert

In the summer of 2018, Kluivert left Ajax after AS Roma decided to sign him for € 17,250,000. The Dutchman was hired by RB Leipzig and since July 2021 has been leasing OGC Nice of France. He receives an annual salary of around € 3,330,000 and his share of German sports cars, it turned out.

On May 5, Kluivert turned 23 and is only once. So that was celebrated as the only football players do: with a new way of transport. Since he drives his RS6, he wants nothing more than Audi: “I have completely changed. Absolutely, “said Kluivert

Along with his girlfriend, he went on a ‘flitz tour’ to see the car. The Audi RSQ8 is the top model in the Q product line and the Kluivert line is implemented in “completely black”, as he describes himself. Along with Abosloute Motor owner Patrick Meijer, Kluivert stands in the rear lights for a quick snapshot and then sinks inside – where the matte carbon dashboard attracts attention.

Abosloute Motor converted its RS6 to a ‘Urban’ version and important work has also been done on its RSQ8. In any case, they go well together. Check out Kluivert’s new car from all over in the video below.