Mega Tjaffer, “works with his own face”

Mega Tjaffer, “works with his own face”

Autovisie is always looking for participant events and thus spawning sales website lists through. This time we got Mega Tjaffer.

Tjaffer made its introduction in 1992 and immediately emerged as a special look. In 1994 the editors started with a special Frenchman, who relies on Citroen AX technology.

Try with Mega Tjaffer

“The idea of ​​a Mega Tjaffer was introduced in 1992 in Aix-les-Bains, France. Less than a year later, in late 1993, the car had its first show and more than a thousand Mega were sold in France. Earlier this year, the car came to the Netherlands after two and a half months of homologation.Although the Mega Tjaffer is brand new, it still revives the old days.Everyone still remembers Citroën Méhari, Renault Rodeo and probably Africar, a less visible wooden car. All four wheels where luxury and comfort was placed under driving comfort, efficiency, performance and unique appearance.

Simple technique

“During the time we were on the road with Tjaffer, we were only asked once if the Mega was a fast car. This method is well suited to Tjaffer. It is equipped with simple but highly reliable PSA technology. a little more power is included in the Dutch model array.

Mega Tjaffer, occasion
We found a used car at (Photo: AutoWorld)

“The Mega Tjaffer four-valve cylinder has a transmission of 1124 cm3 and a maximum power of 60 hp at 6200 revolutions of the crankshaft. The maximum torque is set at 87.5 Nm at a speed of 3800 rpm.

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“The engine, which is made of lightweight metal, has a few amazing features on board. Performance, that’s what this front-mounted power source is all about. No 16 valves, no turbo or other stimulants. It’s just reliable and simple technology but clean . ”

Mega Tjaffer has technology from Citroen AX

Mega has developed its own galvanized chassis for Tjaffer to which AX parts are attached. For example, the front and rear suspension as well as the width of the track and wheel correspond to the smaller Citroëns.

Mega Tjaffer, occasion
Mega Tjaffer Event. (Photo: AutoWorld)

“Tjaffer is two centimeters shorter, 10 centimeters higher and 7 centimeters thicker than the AX. Additionally, some adjustments have been made to cover Tjaffer’s higher weight compared to the AX. For example, power does not exist, Tjaffer leads very slowly at very low speeds. It’s not too bad that we recommend registering at the gym, but with a summer season like this, parking tricks produce extra sweat. “

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“Tjaffer’s strong point is undoubtedly its versatility. The Mega potential is very high. Tjaffer can be switched on immediately from a four-wheel drive vehicle to a turning point. Strange, with only the rear roof part still in place, the wind it has no effect on front passengers.

Mega Tjaffer as occasion

Autovisie finds Mega Tjaffer special as an event. The car is 1995 and has 48,000 kilometers of experience.

Mega Tjaffer, occasion
(Photo: AutoWorld)

The convertible is very basic, but it does not seem to be bad for its age. The seller inquires about the incident Euro 8.750

Did you notice the error? Email us. We thank you.

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