Megane E-Tech Electric vs. Cupra Born

Megane E-Tech Electric vs. Cupra Born

We’ve all mentioned Cupra Born and Renault Mégane E-Tech as EVs where a car fan also feels understandable. What sparks fly the most?

Photography: Martijn Bravenboer

Rinse thin in price range

After nearly four months of endurance trials, Cupra Born no longer has many secrets for editors. At the same time, we have learned to appreciate it as a delightful all-rounder, which, thanks to the modern weight distribution and rear-wheel drive platform, can still add a bit of driving pleasure every day.

The quality between EVs in this price range is narrow, so there aren’t many alternatives for a car fan who admits. But with the use of Mégane E-Tech, an interesting new personal figure has appeared on the beach, as we learned recently when he was a guest in the context of the Best Car of the Year selection. He did not win, but our attention won.

Terrible competitors

Compact dimensions, low weight and adjustment of steering wheel and chassis make it one of the lightest electric vehicles on the market. But of course there is more to life than just having fun. On paper, the price and performance of Born and Mégane are exactly the same until the final details. Both are built on a special EV platform, with the big difference that Mégane is a front wheel drive and Born has a rear wheel drive. What do we think is the best, most affordable, ‘cheap’ hat for an electric hatchback?

In Autovisie 10 you will learn everything about both cars. From comfort and performance to performance and use. Read the double test and find out which EV will emerge the winner. Je! would you like to read the test twice digitally? Through this link you can take the registration and you can immediately see what conditions are attached to it.

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