Meghan Markle was humiliated by the BBC.  What was the center doing?

Meghan Markle was humiliated by the BBC. What was the center doing?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were seen in front of Windsor Castle, where they met their subjects. They were accompanied by William and Kate. The BBC has ignored Harry’s wife for pretending. It’s really cheeky.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a few days ago they flew from USA to Europe. They had many professional duties here, but their visit to the old continent was accompanied by sad events in the kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II passed away after 70 years of reign and 96 years of life. The king’s condition deteriorated overnight. On Tuesday, he agreed in Balmoral and appointed a new prime minister – Liz Truss.

Unfortunately, it was announced last Thursday early afternoon that the king was feeling unwell. Only a few hours later it was known that the queen was dead. Britain went into mourning, and Meghan and Harry stayed in London to spend difficult times surrounded by their family. Initially, as you know, their relationship was not good. However, it seems that a family tragedy has put the misunderstanding aside for a while.

BBC TV humiliated Meghan Markle. What did they do?

Meghan and Harry are supporting the family after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The couple decided to stay in London for the entire mourning period. Two days after the death of the queen, there was also a change. William and Kate, along with Harry and Meghan, appeared in front of the gates of Windsor Castle. There they greeted people who were mourning the death of the elder of the family with them. They also looked at the gifts and flowers that had been left behind, and this sign was interpreted as success in the accounts of the feuding brothers.

The event was apparently broadcast on the BBC, which has changed its broadcasting system since the Queen’s death and only broadcasts news related to current royal events. There was also a camera in front of Windsor Castle.

Viewers were quick to point out that the channel treated Meghan in a confusing way. When Charles’ sons appeared on screen with their wives, Harry’s wife was not included in the description.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and Prince Harry paid tribute to Windsor, it said on the screen bar.


♬ Crashed – Decreased – 「Incorrect」

A large number of comments immediately appeared under the video. Some Internet users defend Meghan and believe that she deserves respect, if only because she is Harry’s wife. Others, on the other hand, believe that he himself deserved such careless treatment.

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