Meghan Markle’s leather legs front again: “Like chicken legs”

Meghan Markle’s leather legs front again: “Like chicken legs”

The royal family is mourning the loss Queen Elizabeth IIwho died on September 8 at the age of 96. His eldest son, Prince Charles, ascended the throne as King Charles III. At that time his sons, William and Harry together with the couple Kate and Meghan MarkleHe came to Windsor Castle and will stay there until the funeral of Elizabeth II.

There has been a heated debate on the internet about skinny legs for years Meghan. Although he knew that he was getting married Prince Harry will mean a lot of interest in life and her appearance, maybe she didn’t expect haters to focus on her thin legs.

The first sounds about feet Meghan Markle she was seen entering Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day. Then an online debate of haters and haters began, which continues to this day.

Some have compared Meghan’s legs to those of the late Princess Diana, as well as Princess Kate. For many netizens, Lady Di’s legs were beautiful, and Kate’s legs were “deadly”.

The most common complaints against Prince Harry’s wife were the lack of a waist and, of course, thin legs.: “What does Harry see in her?? (…) I’m a woman and I don’t find her attractive at all. Look at those chicken legs!!” “It looks like her legs have been hammered into her arms! No shape, no waist, and tasteless clothing.” “Don’t let #MeghanMarkle wear a dress or skirt again, below her knees, her legs are so ugly and out of shape.”

Conspiracy theories began to form that would explain the appearance of Meghan’s legs. Many say that the woman must have been sick when she was a child: “Maybe Markle had a childhood illness that prevented her legs from growing properly.” Did #Meghan Markle never walk as a baby?

Unfortunately, these are not the only times they break Meghan. She is also criticized for doing messy hair, wearing clothes that don’t match her figure and not wearing tight clothes..

luckily Meghan She doesn’t care about opinions and has a positive attitude towards her body and mental health. To reduce stress, it is good for him to use the gym and exercise on the mat in his free time.

Do you think that such legs are the result of exercise?

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