Mercedes-Benz extends the registration deadline for the third season of the Estrelas das Estradas project

Mercedes-Benz extends the registration deadline for the third season of the Estrelas das Estradas project

Mercedes-Benz has extended until February 17 the registration deadline for the third season of “Estrelas das Estradas”, a project that seeks to train, specialize and appreciate truck drivers as well as future drivers from all over the country. This initiative involves making online courses available, and content for highway professionals. All completely free. And as an additional incentive, prizes are awarded to the best participants.

“With Estrelas das Estradas, our goal is to enhance the truck driver’s curriculum, to help him become a better and more complete professional, whether he is a city or country driver, a man or a woman,” says Ebru Semizer, Senior Manager. Marketing Communication & Market Intelligence Trucks at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. “We are very satisfied and enjoying the third stage of this project, which follows the ESG pillars in Brazil. In 2020, there were more than 3,800 participants. Already in 2021, there were almost 6 thousand. Now, our goal is to achieve even more positive results. “

In addition to the course, the Estrelas das Estradas project brings more benefits to the participants. At the end of all stages, those who show up the most will compete for a trip to Germany and several other prizes.

Themes cover professional and personal aspects

Estrelas das Estradas Forum ( brings several knowledge modules, developed based on the results of a survey carried out by NTC, Comjovem and Setcesp, which aimed to study the main problems faced by transporters.

All this content, recorded by experts, is divided into 20 to 30 minute classes with different topics: Getting to Know the Equipment, Balance of Mind, Fuel Economy, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Overturning, First Aid, Truck Loading, Ergonomics, Off Road Driving, Tire Management and Road Safety.

How to participate

The competition is divided into two groups:

truck drivers – participants from the age of 22, with a valid CNH (National Driving License) in category C, D or E.
future truck drivers – participants from 18 to 21 years, as long as they do not have a CNH (National Driver’s License) in category C, D or E.

The competition takes place within the Estrelas das Estradas Forum, which consists of 14 knowledge modules presented on video. At the end of each of these modules, the participant will take an online test with up to 20 multiple-choice questions.

The participant has to accumulate points to win stages and compete for prizes at the end of 14 knowledge modules and 14 tests.

Registration for both types is free and takes place online only, through the Estrelas das Estradas System, between July 22, 2022 and February 17, 2023, and all tests must be answered before 11:00 pm on February 22, 2023, to participate in the decision of the graduates.

About the award

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 at the end of the competition, including the “future truck driver” category. The top 3 truck drivers will win special prizes and compete to drive for the final podium. They will be taken to experience at the Company’s factory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), on March 7, when they will drive a Mercedes-Benz truck, data recorded by Fleetboard. On the same day, the list of champions will be announced.

Truck driver category awards

1st place – travel and expenses paid for the winner to visit one of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks factories in Germany, still in 2023.
2nd place – Electric Scooter.
3rd position – a portable refrigerator to make the truck more complete.

Award for Future Truck Drivers

1st place – Mercedes Club gift bag.