Mercedes-Benz Gullwing as a digital part

Mercedes-Benz Gullwing as a digital part

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– The car icon from 1954 is the first investment object of a new type of bond market
– FinTech enables participation in stories, collector’s items and assets that could not be sold through digital stocks.
– Shares in the 300 SL Gullwing can be registered from 16.50 euros
– Blockchain technology ensures high security for issuers and investors
– Democracy of the exclusive market of classic cars and other icons

The Mercedes-Benz Gullwing from 1954 is the first investment object of a new type of bond market, which is now being launched after an extensive testing phase. uses blockchain technology to convert collectibles, investment items, commodities and other alternative assets such as intellectual property into securities certified under Liechtenstein law. Digital stocks can be bought and sold on the stock platform. The share system, which is unique in the financial market so far, guarantees providers and investors the highest security through different regulations.

Till Rügge, co-founder and co-CEO of the new digital trading area: “shares make values ​​that were previously only available through closed, private markets publicly traded in the form of fully regulated shares. We want to digitize the stock market. , make it democratic and revolutionize it a little.”

Early manipulation and description of the original series and many documents

The 300 SL Gullwing Coupé offered at is the twentieth 300 SL ever built. Accordingly, the gullwing has all the usual details of the original models of the series that can only be found in the first 50 cars built. An unusual feature of this early era is, for example, the long shift lever known as the “swan neck”, which engages directly with the gearbox.

With its color 543 “Strawberry Red Metallic”, the gullwing with chassis number 4500020 issued by the hearts is not only very beautiful, but also a very rare example. By the time production ceased in 1964, Mercedes-Benz had produced just twelve of the 1,400 coupés built in this luxurious color.

The mileage of the 300 SL, which was owned for a long time by an elderly woman from the California seaside resort of La Jolla, is 54,000 km. The interior and fittings – including the original cockpit set – have been completed and extensively restored by American specialist SL Hjeltness, one of the world’s leading gullwing experts. The authenticity and even the smallest details of the Gullwing are documented in two independently prepared reports, which estimate the value of the icon at 1.85 and 1.9 million euros.

An issue price below the appraised value leaves room for a potential increase in value

On, 300 SL is offered for 100,000 digital shares – a so-called participation certificate under Liechtenstein law – for EUR 16.50 each, below its value as verified by two independent experts. This will leave room for a possible increase in the value of the shares, which can be sold as ordinary shares on the secondary market of the stock system after the end of the registration phase. The current price is determined in real time – just like in a regular stock market.

The 300 SL presented in New York in 1954, of which only 1,400 coupe versions were built, was the fastest sports car of its time and is considered the “sports car of the century”. At auctions, gullwings often fetch record prices in the millions – a quotient of the sale price of 29,000 marks.

“By participating in this rare Gullwing, investors get a piece of Mercedes history and become a member of an exclusive circle,” says classic car expert Thomas Rosier, whose Center Rosier Classic Stars in Oldenburg, one of the oldest and largest Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartners, icons are kept safe.

At the beginning of next year a new edition of a rare and coveted car will take place: the Ferrari 250 GT “Lusso”, one of the most prestigious Ferrari models of all time.

Invest in assets that were previously unattainable

co-founder of heartstock Till Rügge: “Mercedes Gullwing is just the first example of how we create new values ​​with the help of the heartstock system. In our new financial system, we use blockchain technology to convert real assets into digital securities, thus enabling the trading of public to broad target groups, creating attractive access to equity for property owners and establishing a new market for everything that is attractive, desirable, valuable and promising as an investment property.”

heartstocks does not see itself as a typical fintech startup, but as a team of young founders and smart players in the financial world. heartstocks works with well-known and established institutions such as Bankhaus Scheich, one of Germany’s leading specialists for securities trading, or Landesparkasse zu Oldenburg to process transactions.

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