Mercedes-Benz is recalling 260,000 cars due to the risk of accidents

Mercedes-Benz is recalling 260,000 cars due to the risk of accidents

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A software error in the transmission control unit is forcing Mercedes-Benz to recall 260,000 vehicles worldwide. The update should fix the problem.

Mercedes-Benz has one detailed recall for its SUV models GLE and GLS from the years 2018 to 2023 announced.. About 260,000 vehicles worldwide are affected by a software error in the transmission control unit, which can cause engine failure. This increases the risk of an accident, although no property damage or personal injury has been reported so far. In Germany, around 4,400 cars are affected by this measure, he also writes

He insisted despite major flaws Mercedes-Benzthat there is no effect on the steering and braking systems of vehicles. To fix the error, car owners should take their cars to a Mercedes workshop for a software update. This process should not take more than 30 minutes.

Mercedes-Benz has to recall thousands of cars again: The reason is a software error that can cause engine failure. © Montage

Note from Mercedes-Benz: Precautionary measures without any previous damage

The Rückruf it is used as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of vehicles and prevent potential hazards. Mercedes-Benz emphasizes that there is no known damage to property or people related to the software error, he writes

Already the 16th anniversary from Mercedes this year

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority database, this is the 16th time from Mercedes this year. The record number of recalls shows that even established automakers such as Mercedes-Benz are not immune to technical problems. Mercedes isn’t the only manufacturer that has to recall cars. Recently cars from other brands such as Citroen, DS, Peugeot and Opel affected by memory.

Early warning due to fire hazard

In addition to the problem of the current program Mercedes-Benz recently recalled nearly 341,000 GLE and GLS models due to a potential fire hazard.n. This highlights the importance of maintenance measures and regular inspections to ensure the safety of vehicles and their occupants.