Mercedes-Benz offers free service for the EQS and EQE

Mercedes-Benz offers free service for the EQS and EQE

With connected services, Mercedes-Benz wants to make the decision of a fully electric Benz even more obvious and beneficial and increase the sales of its electric vehicles: The luxury sedans EQS (plus SUV) and EQE (plus SUV) are now intended to be with them. integrated repair services and comprehensive battery certifications now offer more safety, performance, comfort and a long-term working outlook.

Standard maintenance service includes all necessary maintenance work (service scope A+B) for a period of six years or a maximum of 90,000 km, as reported by the manufacturer. This includes, for example, changing the dust and cabin filters as well as replacing the brake fluid. Particular priority is paid to checking safety-related features and checking the function of electrical components. With the integrated maintenance service, routine maintenance of sedans and SUVs in the EQS and EQE series will now be more transparent, easier to plan and more convenient for car owners.

250,000 km or ten-year battery warranty

The four-category battery certifications are intended to ensure long battery life and provide customers with long-term security when purchasing an electric model. For a total of ten years or up to a total mileage of 250,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), Mercedes-Benz guarantees for EQS and EQE that the maximum capacity of the high-voltage battery is not less than 70 percent.

Mercedes-Benz believes it provides an important decision-making factor for the purchase of an electric vehicle, especially for customers who are not yet familiar with the safety and longevity of lithium-ion batteries. The long-term outlook for electric vehicles is also affected by the fact that all integrated maintenance services and battery certification can be transferred to subsequent owners if the vehicles are sold.

Source: Mercedes-Benz – press release from April 12, 2024