Mercedes-Benz presents the new Cla and Cla Shooting Brake.  Italpress news agency

Mercedes-Benz presents the new Cla and Cla Shooting Brake. Italpress news agency

ROME (ITALPRESS) – With many innovations and updated standard equipment, Mercedes-Benz strengthens the role of the presenter of the CLA Coupè and CLA Shooting Brake in the compact segment. A new shape of the front apron, a modified radiator grille with a star pattern and a new rear diffuser emphasize the sporty character. Added to this is a new design of High Performance LED headlights, which are standard for the first time, and LED taillights. New colors ‘hyper blue’ (excluding CLA) and ‘spectral blue’ as well as three other wheel designs with sizes up to 19 inches expand customization options. The CLA Coupé and CLA Shooting Brake come standard with 17-inch vanadium silver five-spoke or five-spoke gloss black alloy wheels.
The petrol engines are fully electric and include four-cylinder units with a 7- or 8-speed DCT automatic transmission as standard. Thanks to the small hybrid technology, the engines have additional 48-volt equipment on board which helps to start with 10 kW more power. The new belt-driven starter generator greatly improves the comfort and driving experience. It allows, for example, a low-vibration and low-noise engine to start, as well as ‘cruising’ with the combustion engine turned off. During standstill and acceleration, the starter generator recovers and supplies electricity to the 12-volt electrical system and the 48-volt battery. This can help the combustion engine during acceleration. The new ECO 3.0 score encourages drivers to adopt efficiency-oriented behaviors through a separate assessment of the various driving phases.
A modified high-voltage battery offers a high usable energy content, resulting in an increased electrical range. The output of the electric motor has increased by 5 kW and now reaches an output of 80 kW. For charging, three options are still available: In addition to the standard 3.7 kW, the battery can now also be charged with alternating current and up to 11 kW instead of the previous 7.4 kW. The new CLAs also continue to offer the possibility of charging the battery with direct current, up to 22 kW. A DC charge of 10% to 80% takes about 25 minutes, giving you a charging experience suitable for everyday use.

photo: Mercedes-Benz Italia press office


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