Mercedes-Benz SMNR project: This Mercedes of tomorrow is only available in real form – News – Mercedes fans

Mercedes-Benz SMNR project: This Mercedes of tomorrow is only available in real form – News – Mercedes fans

Tomorrow’s Mercedes – this is often a matter of graphic designers and pixel pushers. Mercedes-Benz also understands virtual reality – and it shows this with an online show car during the extension of the partnership with the game developers Riot Games until 2025. From the point of view of Mercedes-Benz, the car combines the spirit of the League. of Legends Esports and on the other hand, the special design expertise of the car inventor. In this mixed situation, the car was created in a creative process that should be able to redefine the border between truth and fiction.

Design film: Mercedes SMNR Project

Unique beauty meets change and power

The online show car SMNR represents a combination of beauty and wonder. Because it does not exist in the real world, it is not constrained by manufacturing constraints and the laws of physics. So there are no limits to imagination.

Despite this, the SMNR still looks like a car. The powerfully designed two-seater has a mid-mounted driver’s cab and increased ground clearance. However, it does not have wheels in the traditional sense. They have been replaced by energy farms. In areas where one might expect solid structures, SMNR contains bioluminescent energy particles and water structures.

“Zoning Molecules”: Free flowing molecules are the energy source of SMNR

Instead of a fixed body there is “mass zoning”. This is a semi-transparent layer of molecules that is constantly changing to the environment. “Zoning Molecules” can give a car any appearance imaginable.

By the way, the name of Dividing Molecules is taken from the game League of Legends. A so-called “zone” is an area controlled by a team – zoning is the equivalent verb and describes the administration of a certain area. Allowing water to change in shape and movement, bioluminescent elements bring the SMNR Project to life. Each particle of energy represents a player. So the individual cells are not only part of the structure, but also the energy source for the show car.

Photo gallery: Mercedes-Benz SMNR Project