Mercedes-Benz: These models will be discontinued due to the new strategy

Mercedes-Benz: These models will be discontinued due to the new strategy

It has long been known that Mercedes-Benz wants to remove its smaller models from the range (THE SHAREHOLDER reported). According to the report Handelsblatt the end of class A and class B is now official. Shares of the car maker reacted to the news with price gains.

With the appearance of the new MMA car platform around 2025, Mercedes will remove the A-Class from the program. Handelsblatt reports, citing corporate circles. As the smallest model from Stuttgart, the B-Class is also considered unprofitable and will therefore be phased out. According to the report, the CLA Coupé, the GLA and GLB SUVs and the CLA Shooting Brake will continue to be produced.

The group left the report without comment, but this approach is in line with the strategy under CEO Ola Källenius. He plans to turn Mercedes into a pure luxury brand and focus more on premium and premium cars in the future.

Like other German automakers, Mercedes’ stock rose sharply on Monday morning and was around 2.5 percent. The stock struggles to return to the marginal range above EUR 60. If this mark falls, there is a chance for the upper limit of the marginal channel around 68 euros.

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The fact that the strategy of focusing on expensive models is already working was evident last year, when the carmaker achieved record profits despite low sales figures. Mercedes-Benz is in a good position for the long term and DER AKTIONÄR is sure to participate.

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