Mercedes-Benz Trucks establishes Global Parts Center in Germany – Caminhoneiro Magazine

Mercedes-Benz Trucks establishes Global Parts Center in Germany – Caminhoneiro Magazine

Currently, the parts center in Germany is one of the sources of supply for Campinas (SP)

Thanks to its independence, Daimler Truck is establishing a new global distribution center for Mercedes-Benz Truck spare parts in Germany in a more customer-oriented way. For the brand, flexible, efficient and sustainable spare parts are a success factor not only for the Company, but also for its customers around the world. The new center will also make an important contribution to the global assurance of parts in the South American region and to Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. Due to the long reach and quick supply of parts from the logistics center, the vehicle fleet will be able to continue working as long as possible and with a minimum number of critical stops.

Currently, the parts center in Germany is one of the supply sources of Campinas (SP). In addition, we also have the manufacture of remanufactured products in the unit, Original parts manufactured in the factory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) and 400 other national distributors. With the change of location in Germany, the process remains the same. What is changing now is that the new plant in Halberstadt, in the state of Lower Saxony, will be the hub for the distribution of spare parts for the brand’s vehicles worldwide. In the future, delivery of parts will be carried out from this central point, eliminating additional transport routes and reducing the process time for parts to be obtained. The equipment is designed to meet the needs of Daimler Truck customers and regional dealers will be able to receive their equipment directly or, if necessary, pick up the parts themselves.

The official announcement was made by Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of the State of Lower Saxony; Sven Schulze, Minister of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry; Daniel Szarata, Mayor of Halberstadt; Jörg Howe, Chief Representative of Daimler Truck AG, responsible for International Communications and External Affairs; and Uwe Kazmeier, Head of Customer Service and Parts at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The contract for the establishment of a logistics center in Halberstadt was signed during the event by other representatives of the federal state, the city of Halberstadt and Daimler Truck.

300,000 different items

The new global logistics center will manufacture up to 300,000 different items from small screws to complete trolleys available to nearly 3,000 car dealers in more than 170 countries worldwide. The Global Parts Center will therefore make an important contribution to ensuring the global flow of goods. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, and commissioning is slated for approximately three years later.

“Halberstadt and the Global Parts Center will play an important role in the future,” says Karin Rådström, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “The spare parts from our new logistics center will make an invaluable contribution to keeping our customers and their trucks running, in line with our motto – Trucks You Can Trust”.

To Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of the State of Lower Saxony, the state is very sought after for the establishment of the company, as it has a well-developed infrastructure and a central location in the center of Europe, which can be confirmed by the commitment of Daimler Truck to the city from Halberstadt. He also claims that the Global Parts Center will create many jobs in the region and that investors will be welcomed with open arms in the state.

“Our new Global Parts Center is the largest logistics project in our company’s history,” says Jörg Howe, Daimler Truck AG’s Chief Representative, responsible for Global Communications and External Affairs. “In the future, Halberstadt will play an important role in keeping our trucks working, as well as our economy and society. Without trucks, factories stand still and supermarket shelves are empty”.

For Daniel Szarata, Mayor of Halberstadt, the city welcomes the Daimler Truck Global Parts Center. “We are delighted to be the chosen location for one of the largest economic investments in Lower Saxony. Future jobs will be created for our city and we will do everything we can to ensure that the company feels that it has made the right decision to establish itself here.”

In the heart of Europe

Approximately 2,600 Mercedes-Benz Truck distributors will supply the Global Parts Center. Distribution of Fuso parts in Europe will also be done through Halberstadt in the future. In a three-step supply chain process, the new facilities will also serve approximately 20 regional shipping centers around the world – such as, for example, several European countries, Turkey, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and China – which, in turn, instead supply parts to their regional traders.

Halberstadt is not only in the heart of Germany, but also among the many suppliers and customers of Daimler Truck in Europe. The transport connection of federal highways and regional highways also enables fast distribution. The site also has enough space to work with long-term flexibility.

In the first phase of expansion, the building will have an area of ​​about 270,000 square meters, and equipment space of about 260,000 square meters. Up to 450 qualified jobs will be created at the site and it is estimated that up to another 600 will be created after the introduction of new construction stages and the adoption of additional activities related to international parts facilities.

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Parts Center

To ensure complete reliability and peace of mind for customers of this brand, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil, a Daimler Truck Company, has a large and complete Parts Distribution and Shipping Center. Located in the Campinas division (SP), it stores around 45,000 items in its 80,000 square meter area, considering a stock of 8 million parts and distributing 1.5 million parts per month, including trucks and buses.

The spare parts center of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil is one of the largest in the industry, supplying more than 300 service centers of its Dealer Network throughout the national territory. It also serves sellers and customers in more than 50 countries in Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, markets to which it exports its products.

Following the principles of quality in service and availability, Mercedes-Benz is already prepared, in its Parts Center, with more than 1,500 Genuine Parts only in the Euro 6 portfolio. The Euro 6 family, with approximately 10 new exclusive products available throughout 2023, such as the compact engine, gearbox, water and oil pump, clutch, starter motor and, in particular, the DPF Particulate Filter, to ensure the full cost/benefit of maintenance and repair of the entire line . Alliance Truck Parts’ already known products will be maintained in the Euro 6 range, and should be extended during the product life cycle.

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