Mercedes C63S AMG – 2 liters, 680KM and 2 tons. Let’s say goodbye to V8 regrets, let’s say hello to electricity …

Mercedes C63S AMG – 2 liters, 680KM and 2 tons. Let’s say goodbye to V8 regrets, let’s say hello to electricity …

I must admit that I was under no illusions that this would be the case, but until now I have been rubbing my eyes in disbelief. A certain era of the automotive industry is coming to an end, which many people, including me, of course, really like. It seems that we have to say goodbye to V8 engines for Europeans without return, but not only because even the United States, that is the cradle of V8s, is electric. The new Mercedes C63S is the next step to end the era of real drivingAnd I don’t want to sound like a bigot now, but it’s hard for me to get the color character of the previous C-classes with the AMG badge in it …

I invite you to a memorable article that will remind us of the great era of Mercedes big engines, but also we will remove the loss of the name 63 AMG, which in the past showed a brutal character, today it shows good performance, but even more it creates a terrible sport of four cylinders straight from the Passat B5 with 1.8T.

The new Mercedes C63S has good performance, although it has got a little …

First, let’s praise a little, because personal feelings are one thing, but The new C-Class is undeniably powerful. The C63 uses the same two-liter engine as we could find in the C43 AMG. For now, however, it is supported by an additional electric motor, which makes the new C-class a hybrid. Importantly, the gasoline engine itself has also changed, but in terms of equipment. In C43 produced 408 hp, in C63S gasoline itself can boast 476 hp. and is currently the most powerful four-cylinder engine ever produced. An additional 204 HP is added by the electric motorwhich is located behind the rear axle and connected to an electronically controlled differential.

In total, the new Mercedes C63S AMG produces a dizzying 680 hpwhich will surely be enough for a truly crazy journey. It is also the first AMG C-Class with the 63 name to have four-wheel drive. The previous 63 had rear wheel drive. That is, the new Mercedes C63S is not crazy? After all, probably not. A driving mode called “master” was announced, which has a tendency to make the car higher, i.e. drift. Perhaps it will be a situation that will allow us to separate the front wheel drive and transfer more power to the rear wheels. I’m just wondering if it would be possible to turn off the traction control completely…

We already know that the new C-Class in AMG will be very powerful, but unfortunately it will also be strong in terms of weight. The BMW 3 Series competitor will weigh more than 2 tons, or more than 2036 Kg, which makes it even heavier than some of the S-classes from the Mercedes stalwart. The first hundred should be on the clock in 3.4 seconds, and we will drive a maximum of 250 km / h due to the electronic limiter. The torsion rear axle is also important, which will certainly improve the driving characteristics, but somehow I don’t see a 2-ton obstacle on the track after all.

Completely lose character!

The new Mercedes C63S AMG promises to be a powerful and technologically refined sports car, but I don’t know about you, for me, the horse under the hood is not enough. I liked the previous C classes with a very good sound and some brutality. My favorite model to date is the W204 Black Series Mercedes C63 AMGwhich is far from the new development of AMG in terms of power. There we had “only” 517 horses, but the power was taken from the original 6.2-liter V8 engine and was transmitted entirely to the rear wheel.

It was a car that roared so loud it could be heard for several streets, and careless drivers quickly ended up in a ditch or in a tree. It may be brutal, but the brutality of this C-class still impresses today. Let me remind you that it was a naturally aspirated V8! The rich of this world, who had one of only 800 pieces made in their collection, sometimes even added a turbo to it and introduced other modifications, and this engine was able to increase power up to 1000 KM!

This was the 6.2 V8 from AMG in the Mercedes C63 AMG W204

The last generation C63 with a V8 and rear-wheel drive was discontinued in 2018. It had a 4 liter engine that produced 510hp and also transferred all the power to the rear axle. It was the last class C with character, although some believe, like me, that it was the W204 that ended a certain era of not setting limits by car manufacturers and offering customers not a car, but a unique experience and feeling.

What will the new Mercedes C63S AMG be doing wrong, even though it’s not out yet? First of all, it’s just a car that was born out of limitations. From the limitations of the EU emission standards, from the electrification model and hybrids. Although AMG makes sure that the two liters of petrol and the additional electric motor are only there for more fun, there’s no need to cheat. The choice of 63 AMG has taken the form of two-liter nonsense because we live in an age of declining engines and electricity. The new C63S AMG is a major departure from a manufacturer that did its best, but we’re still talking here primarily about compromises. Not the flesh-and-blood brutality of the previous C-class …

How much and what will it cost instead of grade C?

Unfortunately, the price is unknown at the moment, but I looked at the configuration of the current AMG C-class, which we can still buy with a V8 engine. Right now, we have to pay a little more than half a million zlotys for a C-class with a V8 engine and an AMG package. A lot, and the new 63 will certainly be more expensive, because it is more full of technology. He estimates that his prices will start from 700,000 in the developer. So what to choose if you have the money, but the new C-class doesn’t appeal to you?

Unfortunately, the choice is not very large. In fact you can say that it does not exist at all. If we are interested in the coupe group, we have more room for maneuver when it comes to the sports car segment. In this case, you can choose Porsche, for example. The model Cayman GT4 starts at 500,000 zlotys, and even if you let your imagination run wild, we will have a modified copy for 600,000 zlotys. And this is a Porsche, after all. We can also have the BMW 3 Series for less, and although its appearance is highly controversial, the 3-liter 6-cylinder engine works well. It all depends on the final calculation, if Mercedes C63S AMG costs more than PLN 700,000, I don’t see that it will be a big success.

Mercedes C63S AMG front

Ba! You can still buy a big Nissan GTR, which has 550 hp, but it is lighter than the future C-Class by 200 kg. It has better acceleration from zero to hundreds – less than 3 seconds and makes more impressions on the street than the C-class in AMG. Its prices in the already reset version are between 600,000 zlotys.

This shows that the Mercedes C63S AMG must be priced well to be successful. I know this is a Mercedes and it probably doesn’t have much competition in its segment, but still after some time surfing the internet, I come to the conclusion that if I had the money and was looking for a really fast car, the four-cylinder C-class wouldn’t even be my platform of choice. shopping. We will see. The premiere will take place in a showroom early next year and that’s when we’ll see what the new C-Class can do. Perhaps it will be surprising in many aspects and will be a truly worthy successor for the current times? Better not to rule out any possibility.