Mercedes Classics and Electric Mobility: Exciting SL: Everrati offers Mercedes Pagoda W113 electric motor – Classic – Mercedes fans

Mercedes Classics and Electric Mobility: Exciting SL: Everrati offers Mercedes Pagoda W113 electric motor – Classic – Mercedes fans

Ordinary cars from Mercedes-Benz have been generating electricity in the international community of fans of modern and youth cars. If the British companies Everrati Automotive Limited and Hilton & Moss have their way, Mercedes style icons should not only encourage drivers with octane in their blood and gasoline or diesel in their tanks. One would like to turn a very beautiful star into a fully fledged electric car. The current project is the Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda W113.

“Electric Icons” is the motto of Everrati, which has been providing electricity to high-end cars from a variety of brands for several years. Along with well-known Mercedes Hilton & Moss restoration specialists, Mercedes-Benz is now working together to combine relevant skills in electric vehicle replacement and replacement of conventional vehicles.

In the course of its transformation, the Mercedes SL Pagode of all electronics has not changed from being a long-distance runner to being a giant horse genie. That was not the goal either. With a power output of 183 horsepower and a range of 257 km, whose 57 kWh battery is on, this pagoda should be well equipped for any good weather trip or assembly of old cars, in terms of power and in terms of radius. act.

The poor appearance of the car is due to the careful restoration by Hilton & Moss. The W113 shown here was completely disassembled, damaged, repaired and sealed against future yellow. On the outside, the Mercedes-SL Pagoda looks like a combustion engine in top condition. If the viewer’s eyes are rotating inward, he will no doubt recognize from the instruments that SL uses a different type of drive. The new watches are in the style of Mercedes’ popular advertising, but they identify the W113 as an electric car. If you want your pagoda to be converted into an electronic car in Everrati, you must consider prices starting at € 350,000.

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