Mercedes EQE SUV electric car >

Mercedes EQE SUV electric car >

After starting with Sedan EQS at the top end of its class range in late 2021 Mercedes is gradually filling other segments with electric vehicles. The new king of the European range was followed by EQE in Class E, and after that in April the EQS SUV offshoot presented was, Mercedes now published a lot of data about the EQE as an SUV. Pricing was not included, but it should be somewhere between the Tesla Model Y and Model X.

Mercedes EQE SUV next to Model Y

With a length of 4.86 meters, the new electric SUV is closer to the Model Y than the Model X, which will be presented in Europe at the end of the year initially in the top version of Plaid and in 2023 again with a simple wheel. run. The price may seem the same. A Tesla Model Y in the version introduced in August with rear-wheel drive and a small battery it currently costs in Germany from 56,965 euros. Mercedes has not mentioned any price yet. The EQE sedan costs from 66,400 euros, so the SUV version can be expected to cost more than 70,000 euros. Tesla Model X costs 140,990 euros as a plaid, and the price should also remain in the six-digit range as a long-range.

The EQE SUV also tops the Model Y in terms of range – at least in the best conditions. According to Mercedes, it is up to 590 km for the base version 350+ with rear-wheel drive according to WLTP, but depending on the equipment it can be only 480 km. Tesla says 430 or 455 kilometers for the Model Y RWD with a small battery, depending on the rims, and 533-565 kilometers for the long-range version with all-wheel drive. At Mercedes, the all-wheel drive 350 4Matic and 500 4Matic builds according to a press release 459-558 kilometers. Battery size was not mentioned.

According to Mercedes, parts of the battery management and other programs on the EQE SUV can be updated wirelessly – unlike Tesla, not everything. The Carwow portal showed another weakness compared to the pioneers of the electric car in the video: Like other Mercedes electric cars, the SUV does not have a front trunk – the front hood cannot even be opened by the owner. Frunk was left to put a Hepa air filter in the front, explains a German-accented Mercedes representative to a carwow moderator. but Of course, the Tesla Model Y and Model X also have itit looks even bigger, and it’s still frunk.

German electric car from American production

In addition, if you appreciate such a thing, the Model Y is more of a German electric car than a Mercedes, because increasing numbers are produced at the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. The EQE SUV, on the other hand, is said to be from the Mercedes factory in the state of Alabama in the United States. According to the news, production there will start in December, other locations have not been mentioned. Two AMG versions are also planned. In the message, Mercedes also mentioned the size of the battery, which is 90.6 kilowatt-hours that can be used – and one measured on it and on the Tesla Model Y Performance with 514 kilometers with limited capacity, only an average distance of 431-488 kilometers.