Mercedes is launching a new car with a combustion engine

Mercedes is launching a new car with a combustion engine

Symbol photo/© Mercedes-Benz AG – Global Communication

Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading car manufacturers in the global market. Now the group wants to bring a new car with an internal combustion engine.

According to reports, Mercedes-Benz now wants to introduce a new combustion engine. The next E-Class will hit the market soon.

Mercedes-Benz is terrible

Head of development at Mercedes-Benz, Markus Schäfer, the next E-Class should be a future-oriented model. However, with a combustion engine. That surprises some, because after all Mercedes-Benz wanted to say goodbye to the combustion engine.

In fact, there is even a small message in the announced version of the combustion engine model from Mercedes-Benz. Because the world’s oldest automaker is in the midst of a transformation.

Apart from the burner

Since this message has been made clear by Mercedes-Benz for months, the fact that there should be a new combustion E-Class is surprising. Mercedes-Benz intends to stop producing new combustion engines by 2030.

From then on, only electric cars will be manufactured. At least in countries that allow this by regulation. Combustion engines should no longer be allowed to be manufactured in EU countries from 2035.

The New E-Class inspires

In fact, of course, Mercedes-Benz fans are over the moon, because the new E-Class convinces everywhere and inspires the masses. The automaker had announced that from 2025 an electric variant will be offered for every model.

The following E-Class is a pure combustion model and at the same time, according to the management of the group, the last of its kind. This class E will be the rebirth of combustion as class E. This completes the planned cycle. However, fans of the new E-Class are very pleased.