Mercedes is now the favorite for the race?

Mercedes is now the favorite for the race?

12:59 am

Saturday in analysis

After a long race Saturday, we turn off our ticker. Later on Sunday we will be back as usual with an update on the race in Brazil.

At the end of the day, the memory of ours follows again great daily analysis by Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll. The following topics were on the agenda today:

– Finally: First win for Mercedes!
– Why Verstappen without a chance?
– Ocon vs. Alonso
– Walking against Vettel
– Results at a glance
– What happened to Magnussen?
– Haas driver 2023: the decision has been made!
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Then the race starts later in the evening at 19:00 CET. Good night and see you later!

F1 Sprint: Why Mercedes is suddenly winning

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12:55 am

Russell: I’m not going to give team instructions

P1 and P2 tomorrow on the Mercedes grid. The Silver Arrows can count on a steady trend to win. But Russell makes it clear: “There will definitely be no team orders.”

“We will certainly play against each other fairly,” he explains and adds: “I am sure that we will divide our strategies tomorrow to deal with all the options.” And hopefully you can win in the end.

He does not expect the two to bet on the same strategy. Of course, that also means that one will have a better strategy and another a worse one…

12:46 am

Alfa Romeo is aiming for points in the race

“Both cars made good progress from the back and showed good speed,” said Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur after the race. He says confidently: “We have to be there in the fight for points.”

Bottas rose from P18 to P14 in the race, teammate Zhou from P17 to P13. “That’s the goal [im Rennen] to get into the top 10, and I think that’s a real thing too,” said Bottas, who uses points as a goal.

“We had a better pace today than the cars around us,” he says sternly. Zhou also explains: “The car felt good.” So you should have a “very good chance” of scoring in the race.

12:37 am

Also the location of Aston Martin…

… it’s here again on video. By the way, Stroll himself says briefly: “I haven’t seen the scene yet, I have to look at the replay first. Maybe I didn’t leave enough space.” You can say that…

12:32 am

“Mission accomplished”: Satisfied too at McLaren

“Mission accomplished,” said team boss Andreas Seidl after Lando Norris’ P7 and explained: “We had two goals in Brazil today: With Lando, we wanted to make sure we got the best position behind the top three teams.” You can do that.

“With Daniel we just wanted to push forward to start tomorrow’s Grand Prix in a better position.” They managed that too, because Ricciardo climbed from P14 to P11 and is just behind the top 10.

“Thanks to the good work of the drivers and the whole team, we have achieved both goals,” says Seidl with satisfaction. In the World Championship today they have moved up to five points behind Alpine. And tomorrow you can even pass!

Because when Norris starts on points with Ricciardo behind him, the Alpines only come from P17 and P18…

12:22 am

Magnussen having fun with the counter

Although he started from pole, the Dane is not disappointed to be “only” to finish eighth. “We knew we weren’t going to win this race. And that wasn’t the goal either,” he explains.

The goal was to take action – and you did. “The dream was to be behind all the big cars in front of Lando [Norris] reach the goal. That didn’t quite work out, but we’re still happy with the P8’s performance,” said Dane.

This is important in the battle against AlphaTauri. Team boss Günther Steiner confirms: “We have achieved what we wanted to achieve.” That is, points. And Mick Schumacher also had a “very good race”.

“We are in a good position for tomorrow,” says a satisfied Steiner. From there he aims for more points.

12:13 am

Gasly: ​​Points are the goal in the race

“I am happy with this result: I started from P12 and reached P10,” summarizes the Frenchman after his race and revealed: “Our main goal was to create a few positions.” You’ve done it.

“The start was good. It was difficult to finish on the soft tires but we finished in a good position. There was a good duel and I don’t think we could have done better.”, according to Gasly.

“We are in the top 10 and we have the ability to compete in this zone, so we will try to take a few points,” he said while looking forward to tomorrow’s race. You also need points.

Because Haas collected important points with P8 in the race and is now two points ahead of AlphaTauri in the fight for P8 in the World Championship.

12:04 am

Only three teams…

… managed to score points in all three races this year: Red Bull, Ferrari – and Haas! You definitely don’t have that on the list. But Kevin Magnussen has scored points in all three races this year.

For example, Mercedes went empty-handed at Imola, McLaren at Spielberg and Alpine just today. A summary of all race results this year can be found here!

11:56 pm

What advantage could Red Bull have tomorrow?

Because Verstappen drove on mediums today, he has an extra set of clean soft tires tomorrow. “That’s an advantage,” says Andrew Shovlin from Mercedes on ‘Sky’ and explains: “If you have two new sentences, you can start with a new one.”

And for another new sentence you can try the bottom line with the double stop strategy. “It gives them an advantage. But at the same time, the front row is a good advantage for us,” Shovlin recalled.

And maybe it will rain again tomorrow. Then the spare tire would not help …

11:44 pm

Two Alpine adventures…

… can be found here again in the video. One can understand that Otmar Szafnauer is not impressed …

11:39 p.m

What exactly was going on in Hamilton?

Now there is also an explanation from the FIA ​​on how all this chaos happened. The starting boxes in Brazil are smaller than usual, which is why it initially appeared that three drivers were not standing properly in their boxes.

However, the footage was reviewed again and it was found that neither driver had any advantage from his position. So there was no punishment. Here is the full justification:

“The stewards checked the starting sequence, as it was found that many cars were outside their grid box contrary to Article 8.6.1.a) of the FIA ​​International Sporting Code, being on the left or right side of the grid box. “

“After reviewing all available video angles, and making measurements on the grid, the stewards noted that the grid boxes were smaller than usual and that the visibility of the drivers made focusing very difficult and that no driver was in a position to gain an advantage any. .”

“Therefore the Administrators are content to take no further action.”

11:32 pm

No penalty for Hamilton and Co.

And the final verdict is also there: Hamilton and Co. will not be fined for the incident initially, all drivers are exempt. So tomorrow two Mercedes drivers will start from the front row!

11:31 pm

Three penalty points for Stroll

Another (minor) decision: Stroll’s ten-second penalty was already fixed, but now he has also received three penalty points, bringing his total to eight. Four more and he would be banned from racing…

11:27 p.m

penalty for Alonso

The next decision is here: Alonso gets a five-second time penalty for the (second) crash with Ocon. This means he goes from P15 to P18. The authorities concluded that Alonso was fully responsible for the accident.

Alonso himself admitted at the session that he misjudged something while trying to overtake him. Here is the full justification:

“Alonso started to overtake the 31st car at the age of 15. The team noted that Ocon was abnormally slow due to aero damage from the incident at the age of 4, however stewards noted via telemetry that Ocon was in the same speed as the other cars. the same points on a track that was not on the taw.”

“However, Alonso was faster as he was able to overtake him, and – as he admitted at trial – he misjudged the timing of his exit and hit Ocon from behind, his front wing hitting Ocon’s rear tire. The stewards found that Alonso for a complete fault for the collision, which at those speeds and at that place on the track was dangerous.”

11:21 pm

Williams: Why did Albon drop out?

The Williams driver was the only retiree of the day today. And on TV it wasn’t really clear what had happened. Dave Robson now reveals that Albon drove over the debris and therefore had to give up.

“Honestly, I don’t know what happened,” says Albon himself and explains: “I think it was dirt from Fernando and Ocon directly at home.” So he will start from last on the grid tomorrow.

His teammate Latifi was 19th and last on the track today. “It was a very lonely afternoon,” reports Canada, who reveals that his car was damaged after FT2.

It was fixed before the sprint. There he then wrecked the car again on the bottom – also in the dirt. Very unlucky for Williams today…