Merky FC, or Stormzy’s new football project

Merky FC, or Stormzy’s new football project

Stormzy, a British rapper known for his involvement in charity, in collaboration with Adidas, took part in a new project. Merky FC is designed to promote the employment of blacks in positions closely related to football facilities.

Racial inequality is not a new problem. For years, world leaders have been trying to fight against intolerance of diversity.

Stormzy decided to donate and support a project called Merky FC.

It will hire black trainers, physiotherapists, marketing specialists and accountants. All of this is based on paid training for people aged 16-25.

In addition to the famous rapper, who named everything by his nickname, the project involved Manchester United, Sky Sports, Fulham and LADbible, and is connected to Adidas.

Interested parties hope that in the future it will be easier for young people to start and develop their careers in their football-related positions. Finally, they would find employment in clubs, including academies, offices, theaters or other types of facilities.

The project will start in January 2023.

Stormzy, a Manchester United supporter in private, recently allowed himself to be exposed to a wider audience by establishing a partnership with José Mourinho. The Portuguese coach starred in his music video.


José Mourinho starred in the music video [WIDEO]