MG takes inspiration from Toyota and Lexus for the launch of the first brand in Europe

MG takes inspiration from Toyota and Lexus for the launch of the first brand in Europe

After a highly successful European launch, MG will strengthen its presence on the Old Continent with a range of premium vehicles. Here is the first iteration with the IM L6 sedan.

Among the manufacturers that have recently arrived on the European market, MG is undoubtedly the best performer, excluding Tesla which has already “started” for more than a decade now.

However, the success of MG was not the most obvious, especially when the brand clearly announced itself as Chinese when it was launched in France in 2019, an argument that, even today, does not speak in its favor, despite the products that there is nothing to envy, on the contrary, some European manufacturers strengthened.

MG continues his footsteps calmly

Since then, communication between the brand has improved significantly, and MG is also playing up its European past by reprising its iconic models from the past, as at the R├ętromobile show. Then the brand did not want to revolutionize everything when it arrived on our roads. The recipe is quite traditional: a strong network based on already established distribution groups, standard after-sales service, interaction with real humans and not artificial intelligence, and the most accessible and useful products in today’s world.. Other manufacturers arriving in France finally seem to understand this, like the Chinese manufacturer BYD which is using a similar strategy.
MG is not reinventing the wheel, and it works, since the manufacturer sold 34,441 examples in France last year, helped by the ecological bonus with its MG4, of course, and even if the manufacturer is planning an unsuccessful year of 2024, few new ones. The products that will arrive this year will allow us to maintain the bar. Among them, there will be MG3, a hybrid city car available for less than 20,000 euros and a direct competitor to the Toyota Yaris. This will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show which will open its doors at the end of February, and alongside it, there will be a premium sedan called the IM L6. But what is it?

A hacked method

As mentioned above, MG does not change the distribution numbers in Europe, and to continue its expansion, the manufacturer will launch the first brand. Obviously we can draw parallels with Toyota and Lexus, or even, to a lesser extent, Nissan and (the late) Infiniti. IM, for “Intelligent Mobility” is 100% new electric manufacturer from SAIC group which will produce premium cars that the manufacturer describes as“innovation, advanced technology and promising an exciting driving experience. ┬╗
At the moment, MG is very bad with information, we only know that it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, while offering a range of over 600 km and 800 km depending on its battery. And precisely, in terms of the battery, the big sedan will rely on a solid battery to allow 800 kilometers on a single charge, and more than 600 kilometers with a traditional lithium-ion battery.

China has already spilled the beans

This is for official information. For unofficial information, we can always trust China’s Ministry of Information, which published images of the car’s approval and various technical information a few weeks ago. So we learn that IM L6 will measure 4.93 meters long and 1.96 meters wide and that it will be available in a two- or four-wheel drive vehicle to begin with 340 to 787 horsepower.
Are you scheduled to launch the IM brand in Europe? 2025 according to a press release. In terms of pricing, you should expect a wider range than what MG charges. The premium model is compelling, it’s hard to imagine a car under the bar 50 000 euros.

In addition, it will be right in front of a certain BYD Seal, a powerful and durable Chinese electric sedan, which starts at almost the same price in France.

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