MG3 Successor in European Dealerships in 2024

MG3 Successor in European Dealerships in 2024

Morris Garage (MG), a popular brand in Europe, has set its sights on dethroning the ubiquitous Dacia Sandero with the introduction of a new cost-effective vehicle featuring an electrified powertrain, which will bear the coveted DGT ECO label. This model will supplant the MG3, currently available in the British market, by occupying the same market niche.

MG has caused a stir in the cut-throat European market for affordable cars with its range of sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The thermal versions of the MG ZS and MG HS have particularly garnered attention, as they represent some of the most economical options in their respective segments. Notably, the ZS is presently the most affordable SUV available in Spain.

MG’s strategic roadmap for Europe through 2024 incorporates a plethora of innovations, including a move to cement Morris Garage’s status as one of the premier low-cost vehicle brands. The introduction of a novel model aimed squarely at unseating the Dacia Sandero, the top-selling budget vehicle in Europe, is at the top of their agenda.

Morris Garage wants to end the reign of the Dacia Sandero

It is anticipated that one of the final outcomes of the established roadmap will come to fruition in the form of a successor to the MG3 by 2024. The MG3, a model that MG has been marketing in the United Kingdom and has been known for its affordability, unfortunately, has been condemned to obsolescence. However, the arrival of a new model will replace the MG3, and Morris Garage has determined to commence anew in the subcompact utility sector.

Guy Pigounakis, MG’s Commercial Director, confirmed last summer that MG3’s days are numbered. “The MG3 will continue for another 12 to 18 months before being replaced. However, we will not refer to it as the MG3.” Even the trade name MG3 will be eliminated. Morris Garage has decided to start afresh with a brand new model that will completely occupy the space left by the MG3.

This new model will be entrusted with an ambitious mission to overthrow the reigning Dacia Sandero. The successor to the MG3, which has yet to be named, will be powered by fossil fuels but may eventually adopt a low level of electrification.

MG3 - rear

A cheap car with an ECO label, this will be the successor to the MG3

MG has definitively eliminated the possibility of the upcoming successor to the MG3 model being entirely electric, citing the persistent exorbitance of battery costs as the prohibitive factor. Nevertheless, the market offers a diverse array of viable technologies that can facilitate the electrification of the successor to the MG3 while avoiding any detrimental impact on the sale price. Specifically, the implementation of light hybridization through the incorporation of either 12- or 48-volt light hybrid technology (MHEV) constitutes a potentially feasible solution.

It is worthwhile to note that MG has previously introduced and sold cars incorporating mild hybridization, such as the MG Hector, albeit beyond the confines of the European market.

As of current, the MG3 model available in UK dealerships has undergone its latest update in 2018. At a starting price of £13,795 (€15,715), it presents a relatively lower price point compared to the Dacia Sandero Stepway, retailing at £14,395 (€16,400), but a comparatively higher one in relation to the Dacia Sandero, which is obtainable from £12,995 (€14,800).

MG's new cheap car will have an ECO label and will put the Dacia Sandero in trouble