Middle Tennessee counties lead record-breaking deer harvest season – WZTV

Middle Tennessee counties lead record-breaking deer harvest season – WZTV

In a season that shattered records, Middle Tennessee counties experienced an unprecedented deer harvest, according to figures released by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

The number of deer taken across the state during the 2019-2020 season, which ended January 5th, was an all-time high, with a total of 145,837 deer harvested. Middle Tennessee counties led the way, with a record-breaking harvest of 24,788 deer.

The counties with the highest harvests were Decatur, Humphreys, and Benton, with a total of 8,506 deer taken. Decatur County alone accounted for 3,769 deer harvested, making it the highest producer in the entire state. Humphreys and Benton Counties followed closely behind, with harvests of 3,323 and 2,261 deer, respectively.

Overall, the region saw a 9.2% increase in the number of deer taken in comparison to the previous season, with a total of 3,958 more animals harvested.

Greg Simpkins, Chief of the TWRA’s Wildlife and Forestry Division, attributed the record-breaking harvest to the agency’s efforts to maintain healthy deer populations across the state. “Our goal is to maintain a healthy deer population in each county,” Simpkins said. “The high harvest numbers indicate that our efforts to balance the deer population with the habitat conditions have been successful.”

The TWRA has also implemented a variety of management strategies to improve the quality of deer hunting in the Middle Tennessee area, including the use of antlerless-only deer hunting in certain counties and an increase in the number of deer hunting days.

These strategies, Simpkins said, have resulted in a healthier and more sustainable deer population in the region. “We want to ensure that Middle Tennessee deer hunters have a quality hunting experience each season,” Simpkins said.

The 2019-2020 season marked a record-breaking deer harvest in Middle Tennessee counties, with a total of 24,788 deer taken. Thanks to the TWRA’s management strategies, deer populations in the region remain healthy and hunters have had a successful season.