Milan Design Week 2023: Lexus celebrates style, innovation and the future

Milan Design Week 2023: Lexus celebrates style, innovation and the future

Structure it’s never just a matter of beauty, but more precisely it is the result of a weighted choice of creativity, performance and performance to which an important element of originality is always added. So no wonder that Lexus he made his own design one of its characteristics.

It is for this reason that, also this year, the Japanese car brand will be present Milan Design Weeka bond that has continued for 14 editions. During the festival, from 17 to 23 April at Superstudio via TortonaLexus will demonstrate the installation “Made of Air” created in collaboration with architect and artist Suchi Reddy and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Miami.

Founder of Reddymade Design and Architecture, the New York-based artist was inspired by the curves and craftsmanship of Lexus Electrified Sports coupe and the idea that it is ‘molded out of thin air’, to create an installation that celebrates the automaker’s commitment to human-centered, zero-point and meticulously designed architecture.

“Made of Air” has an elegant and lightweight design, which emphasizes harmony and appreciation of the environment for natural and ecological materials. At first glance, the pieces appear abstract, but as the viewer gets closer, they reveal the silhouette of the car. Not only is it a beautiful installation but a real immersive living experience, and the feeling of walking in the forest accompanied by the crunch of leaves underfoot.

This enhanced experience can be further enhanced with a closer look Lexus RZ Full ElectricA new SUV that embodies the philosophy “The Next Chapter” of the brand and which will be exhibited at the Milan Design Week event. The “new look” signifies Lexus’ design approach, whereby style directly conveys the vehicle’s performance and the quality of the driving experience. For the RZ – where this philosophy finds its highest expression – it takes the form of building an electric car on the platform. brand new and in an emotional and seamless design, inspired by the BEV driving experience.

This SUV represents a new step for Lexus towards the goal of being 100% electric brand in Europe by 2030. It’s a car with a dynamic character, where the exterior reinterprets the classic Lexus hourglass shape in the body of the car while the interior is spacious, simple and elegant conveying a sense of refined craftsmanship. A project that wants to give the driver and his passengers a clear and satisfying sense of freedom.

From Lexus great attention to design also originates Lexus Design Award, now in its eleventh edition and characterized by a mission to highlight creative talent, especially during the Milan Design Week. In fact, during the event in the capital of Lombardy, four amazing winning proposals that have interpreted the theme will be shown. “Create a Better Tomorrow”selected from over 2000 applications from 63 countries.

Along with the “Shape and Air” installation, the award-winning models of the Lexus Design Award 2023 will be on display: Fog-X by Pavels HedstromClay Humidifier Published by Liu JiamingTouch the Valley and Temporary office and Zero Bag by Kyeongho Park and Yejin Heo.

The ideas these artists have better than others embody the basic principles that characterize Lexus: Anticipate, Innovate, Engage and Excite.