Mini convertible as an electric car: at first it’s a one-off

Mini convertible as an electric car: at first it’s a one-off

There are test cars that are remembered for a long time. The Giulia from Alfa Romeo is one of them, and so is the Mini Cooper SE. The latter drove so boldly, so gracefully and so quickly that one was quickly overcome by his charm. So it’s no surprise that every third Mini has a battery electric car installed. It is surprising that until now it has been available in only one body. BMW is now showing a convertible with this electric drive, albeit a one-off. The delicious pairing is just a taste.

Because the one-off show, shows BMW, “the transformation of the Mini brand to electric”. Technically, the conversion is nothing surprising. BMW has already integrated the established features into the convertible model. So the model remains in the motor power of 135 kW and about 29 kWh contained in the accumulator. They should accelerate the open Mini to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds and enable a range of up to 230 km.

What is even more exciting is that the Mini brand should also be present in the convertible segment after being converted to e-mobility. So it is possible that the successor of the current Mini, which is likely to be launched next year, will not only be open again, but also with a battery-electric car.

A moderate increase in performance can be expected, but the battery will have more storage capacity. Anything less than 50 kWh and 100 kW charging will be amazing. From this point of view it is a pity that the current Mini Cabrio is never available with an electric car, but at least the study offers a hopeful prospect.

BMW shows it in this photo: A convertible with a battery-electric drive will remain a one-off.


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