MINI Cooper SE 2022 – the new powertrain has been “leaked” and it looks amazing

MINI Cooper SE 2022 – the new powertrain has been “leaked” and it looks amazing

Pictures showing the new, undisclosed copies appeared on the web MINI Cooper SEelectric version of this popular car. The car was photographed in China as well as other articles, which are still covered.

MINI Cooper SE – amazing rear view

The front of this car has remained more or less unchanged over the years. The large round lights have grown only slightly, and the electric version is more distinguished by the complete absence of air intake. Well, here aerodynamics dictates the rules of design.

MINI Cooper 2022

The rear, which is nothing like a solution from its predecessors, is the most exciting. The German brand has chosen a completely new look for the rear lights that resemble Batman’s “dats-blades”. This is interesting, especially after the recently upgraded lighting that resembles the signature Union Jack flag. Has Brexit spoiled anyone’s blood?

MINI Cooper SE – extreme minimalism in the interior

By the way, the interior of this car was also photographed. Absolute minimalism is surprising here – there is nothing real in the closet. There is a large amount of empty space in front of the driver, limited only by the HUD. Worse, this still uses extra speed and doesn’t provide data in a modern way.

A large circular screen reappeared in the center of the dashboard. It is bigger and very thin. The lack of frames shows that the Germans used the latest technologies here, including OLED solutions.

Below the display is a panel with basic switches, although it still looks incomplete. It is also worth noting that on the passenger side there is probably a large glove box, which reminds you of the BMW i3.

MINI Cooper 2022

What else will change?

A few weeks ago MINI officially showed”spyshots“His new car. Everything seems to indicate that Germany is almost ready to present a new model. The Electrician will undoubtedly be an important choice, although there will also be combustion versions under the hood.

The car depends on the acronym FAAR Forum, familiar from the BMW 1 Series, X1 and X2. Thanks to this, we can count on the presence of the latest technologies on board. An electrician should also find a larger battery with a stable range. Here we expect a battery with a capacity of up to 50 kWh.

Source: Wilco Blok (Instagram)