MINI Cooper SE electric company.  Model city car?

MINI Cooper SE electric company. Model city car?

It has been a mantra for years that electric cars are made for the city. And although many manufacturers struggle with this kind of discrimination … MINI, with the Cooper SE model, proves that something is up.

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Although it is repeated ad nauseam, at the outset let us remind you again – there is no turning back from electric cars, they are definitely the cars of the future. Is this a bad prediction? None of these things, because it is a solution that has more advantages than disadvantages. The most important of them is the so-called thermal efficiency, ie the fact that electric motors use more than 90% of the energy contained in electricity, while the best combustion units reach a maximum of 40%. And that is after more than 100 years of development of this technology.

This translates to lower energy consumption, and thus lower running costs, as well as the amazing performance of electric vehicles. However, before looking at how the electric MINI accelerates, it is important to ask a very important question – which car should be better for the city?

Better in cities. Compact and environmentally friendly

We don’t need big cars in the city, which is proven by the history of the city children of the MINI brand, which dates back to 1959. So if the brand knows what the city driver needs, it’s MINI. When moving around the city, we care about good visibility, great maneuverability, and also not so easy in parking, but using a small gap between parked cars. Each of us knows.

However, the automotive industry has moved forward not only in terms of technology, but also measurements. And although we often need smaller cars, from decade to decade cars are… bigger and bigger. Thanks to this, however, they are more comfortable and safer.


Image source: © Błażej Żuławski

Just like the MINI Cooper SE, which, although it belongs to the class of a small car, due to its good design, we can comfortably transport a full set of passengers. In addition, it was equipped like a limousine, and also modern driver support systems were added. Thanks to this, the MINI driver is not limited by short distance trips. It will be smooth and safe when traveling on the highway, and the electric MINI will easily accelerate to 150 km / h.

However, it is in the city that you can feel the benefits of electric cars the most. It’s not even about the feeling behind the wheel or the style, which we’ll get to in a short time, but responsibility for the environment and other people. It is in the city that the concentration of environmental pollution is highest, which means that we all breathe “dirty” air all the time. Cars have a shameful part in this.

Everything speaks to the electrician

Electric cars are the solution to the problem of air pollution. Cars like the MINI emit no harmful emissions when driving – no exhaust fumes, particulate matter or toxic oxides.

In addition, their brakes wear less, because electric cars “break the engine” more often, recovering energy in the recovery process – and after all, dust from abrasive pads and metal filings from brake discs are also pollution that we breathe every. day. If we move mainly in the city, and we also care about our health and the state of the planet – an electric car will be the perfect choice for us.

Of course, the list of good reasons for choosing an “electrician” in the city is much longer, let’s add the possibility of using bus lines, free parking in many Polish cities, the wide availability of charging points, as well as the comfort of driving a car based on the fact that electric cars go almost without noise.

Not to mention areas that don’t have burning cars, although these will be commonplace in European cities in the coming years. And various? In the case of the MINI Cooper SE, it is up to 270 km, which for the average driver driving an average of 37 km per day, means charging the car once a week more.



It’s not just common sense – emotions matter in MINI!

Many drivers remember that the motto of cars of this brand is “the pleasure of driving a kart”, which in the case of an electrician is emphasized even more. If you are worried that such a car, heavier than a combustion engine and does not emit any sound from the exhaust system, will be boring – you are very wrong.

The electric MINI Cooper SE impresses from first contact. The driver’s seat is placed low, the backrest supports the torso well, and the steering wheel has a thick rim that fits well in the hands – you can immediately feel that this is a car made for the driver. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t hear the exhaust when you start to pull away, if the car accelerates at the same speed as the Cooper SE! It’s not even about the fact that the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds, but about the feeling of the dynamics themselves.

This is due to the electric motor, which transmits its maximum torque to the wheels from the lowest revolutions. So there is no need to wait for the engine to “move” to the right value or wait for the turbocharger to start working – here the car bursts forward when asked. This makes the MINI appear faster than it really is.


Image source: © Błażej Żuławski

The ultimate driving pleasure goes hand in hand with performance: firm suspension, direct steering and perfect balance – thanks to the low-floor batteries – the Cooper SE drives like no other car of its kind.

What else keeps city commuters from taking their eyes off the MINI? This is, of course, a wonderful style. Cooper SE is distinguished by an attractive exterior design with retro elements, but also modern LED lights displaying the British flag.

The SE model also has an unusual design of wheel rims and a built-in radiator grille, and in the interior there is a modern and attractive screen of digital indicators and multimedia characteristic of MINI.

So the MINI Cooper SE is a car that is easy to park, inexpensive to run, and stylish and stylish. And most importantly – thanks to the electric car it is very powerful and ecological at the same time. Need more reason to call the Cooper SE the epitome of a city car?

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