Mini Electric for the disabled

Mini Electric for the disabled

The management of BMW’s Mini brand came to the conclusion that their cars should be accessible to a wider audience and that no one should feel left out. This is how the electric MINI SE was created, it was taken by the factory for the disabled.

So far, a wide range of brands have had the opportunity to offer factory The adaptation of their vehicles to the needs of people with disabilities of the lower limbs was very limited. However, this situation is improving, for example thanks to projects like the one started by Mini. On request, the electric Mini SE will be able to receive special equipment.

In this case, it means rim on the steering wheel used to increase speed, hand brake lever and a pedal cover to prevent misuse. When the rim is connected wirelessly to the accelerator pedal, the brake lever is just a tappet, which is placed under the steering column. By pressing the accelerator pedal, and by pressing the brake lever towards the dashboard, you broke the brake.

To simplify cunning in a parking lot and driving in a traffic jam, the edge on the steering wheel has a “reduced sensitivity” mode. Unfortunately, it is not explained how it is activated.

It is not without reason that the choice of the primary vehicle to install such a solution fell Electric Mini SE. The president of the MINI brand, Stefanie Wurst, emphasized that the brand’s goal is to provide access to innovation to the widest possible audience.

The project was created collaboratively trainers Driving Experience Tiny Schmidt-Kiendl, who drives alone in a wheelchair. However, he admits that adapting the electric car to the needs of the disabled does not solve the whole problem.

It is worth considering the fact that often the posts with available chargers are generally separated from parking spaces and high ways, which makes it difficult or even difficult. makes it impossible used by a person in a wheelchair.

As Tina Schmidt-Kiendl is a teacher, Mini launched the opportunity to attend safe driving trainingon modified versions of the SE model. The training will take place at the MINI and BMW Driving Experience Center on the outskirts of Munich.

The course will include emergency braking, obstacle avoidance on a variety of surfaces and sudden lane changes. The training will also include items drive a sports track. At the moment, it is not known when the factory disabled solution will go on offer at European MINI dealers or how much it will cost.