MINI Hatch Cooper S – discover the possibilities of the car – o2

MINI Hatch Cooper S – discover the possibilities of the car – o2

MINI means you are dealing with a fast and powerful version of the famous city go-kart. This is not the last word for MINI in terms of performance and driving experience, as the 231 hp MINI Hatch John Cooper Works is even higher than that. However, in the MINI Hatch S you will definitely feel the sporty spirit of MINI. Driving it is a perfectly balanced experience between the emotions, sports characteristics and fun of driving a kart, as well as common sense and comfort as well as everyday use. For starters, however, let’s focus on the first element, the MINI Hatch S’s ability to make an impression.

Discover the possibilities of running gear

The potential of the MINI Hatch Cooper S comes not only from the engine, but also from a solid sports foundation. It is thanks to them the new MINI Hatch The Cooper S stands out from the competition when it comes to the driving fun it can offer.

These bases are very short wheelbase and the wheels are very far from the edges of the body. Not without importance is the low weight, rigid suspension and quick and direct operation. Add to that great mechanical traction, not only provided by the sports tires on the 17- or 18-inch aluminum rims, but above all by the refined chassis of the Cooper S, which draws heavily on the sporty feel of the MINI brand, and you. you will get a unique driving experience.

Once you get to know the MINI Hatch Cooper S’s cornering ability, its agility, the speed with which it responds to your commands and the confidence it exudes, it will be hard for you to stop. And we haven’t reached the engine’s capacity yet.

Discover the possibilities of TwinPower Turbo

Under the bonnet of the Cooper S is a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo unit. Such a powerful engine is rare in small hatchbacks – it sets the MINI Cooper S apart from its rivals. This is also proof that MINI is serious about performance.

The TwinPower Turbo engine produces 173 HP and allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in more than 6 seconds. In addition, MINI gives you the option of whether you want to control this power with an automatic sports gearbox and paddles on the steering wheel. traditional manual gear wheel or lever. The last variant is an important fun feature for some drivers.

This excitement is also built by the pronounced bass of the sports exhaust system with its two black center tailpipes. And while we’re talking about looks…

Possibility of customization

The body of the MINI Hatch Cooper S is a unique combination of modern, sporty aggression and retro details. Even in the standard configuration, the Cooper S shows its ability to drive fast, but the configuration offers so many possibilities to customize the appearance of the car that it would be a shame not to use them.

You start by choosing one of three stylish, sportier lines that – John Cooper Works – are distinguished by a large rear diffuser, a prominent aileron above the rear window and 17-inch black wheels.

Once you’ve chosen the shape of the Cooper S, it’s time to choose from nine original colors that can be combined with different roof colors. With 10 varieties of aluminum rims in sizes from 16 inches (standard) to 18. They can be black, two-tone or graphite. You can also darken all the exterior details – the headlights with the Union Jack pattern and the taillights, or even the MINI logo. The sporty image can be enhanced by a decorative body strip that perfectly matches the MINI Hatch Cooper S. The possibilities for personalizing the car are not over, because we still have the interior.

You also have many customization options when it comes to interior styling. The optional sports bucket seats with integrated headrests can be finished in real or ecological leather in several color options or in the standard sports car with synthetic suede Dinamica. The climate of the interior will also be influenced by one of the three variants of decorative lettering. You don’t need to decide whether it sports details as usual, such as a three-spoke steering wheel, a black headrest or metal pedal covers.

It can change

Earlier, we mentioned that the MINI Cooper S, in addition to the excitement, sportiness and fun of driving a go-kart, can also provide comfort and everyday usability. This is due to the great possibility to adjust the behavior of the car to your current needs. You can calm down the sporty nature of the MINI Cooper S by choosing quieter driving modes. As a result, the suspension becomes more forgiving to unevenness, and the whole car is a little quieter in response. It’s quite enough to not force your kart nature on you when you don’t want to.

During daily driving, you will definitely appreciate the many support systems, the transparent digital instrument cluster available on request, the multimedia system and online access (which can be operated not only by touch, but also with a suitable knife in the middle tunnel ) and all the services you should expect from a modern companion in the struggle in the city.

Such a wide spectrum of possibilities in such a small car is something that is definitely worth experiencing in person. So, for the earliest opportunity, schedule a MINI Hatch Cooper S test drive.

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