MINI Hatch Cooper S – the ultimate kart driving fun!

MINI Hatch Cooper S – the ultimate kart driving fun!

A go-kart is also one of the simplest four-wheeled machines powered by an internal combustion engine and which provides a unique driving experience. Not because of the great power and performance of a great car. They flow in a broad stream through lightness, agility, direct steering response, neutral handling and trust in the dialogue between machine and driver. These are the features that highlight the fun of kart driving. And you are probably thinking now that we will write in a short time that you will find all these features inside the new MINI hatch. And you know what? Are you okay!

The small, sporty, 3-door MINI hatchback with the letter “S”, like a go-kart, is characterized by a very short wheelbase and wheels extended to the edge of the body, which is the basis of fun. turn and drive confidently. The MINI Cooper S, like the go-kart, is also light and has a reinforced sports chassis. The important thing is the excellent mechanical traction, provided not only by the sports tires mounted on 17- or 18-inch aluminum rims, but above all by the refined chassis of the Cooper S, which draws a few from the extensive motorsport experience of the brand MINI. .

Sit in the high-flow, optional, integrated headrest bucket seat. Hold the fine edge of the three-spoke sports steering wheel and switch to Sport Mode. From the very first corner, you will understand the meaning of karting fun in the interpretation of the MINI Cooper S. You will find an attractive car, a real driving pleasure and a lot of confidence built by class-leading driving characteristics. The fun of go-kart driving will engage you as the best series. You won’t want to stop. And you don’t need a race track to feel it. An empty winding road is all you need to enjoy the sporty spirit of the MINI Cooper S.

The driving pleasure of the MINI Hatch Cooper S is also enhanced by the powerful engine. This is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Turbo engine – such a large engine is now rarely found in small hatchbacks and sets the MINI Cooper S apart from its rivals. It’s also proof that MINI is serious about performance. The unit produces 173 HP of power and allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in more than 6 seconds. In addition, MINI allows you to choose whether you want to control this power using an automatic sports gearbox and paddles on the steering wheel. or the traditional gear lever, which for some drivers is an important part of having fun while driving. This pleasure is certainly also built by the clear bass sound of the sports exhaust system.

Emotions in the MINI Cooper S don’t just flow from driving, the appearance of the MINI hatchback alone can awaken them – especially if you choose the Cooper S in John Cooper Works style. Then the two ends of the central exhaust system will be placed in a large distributor, typical for sports cars. There will be larger air intakes at the front, giving the MINI Cooper S a more aggressive look, and all body elements from the rims to the decorative fuel filter flares and headlight rims to the MINI badge will be black in colour. Do not forget that you can determine almost every detail of the appearance by choosing different colors of the roof and mirrors or decorative stripes on the body.

Let’s take a break from the excitement and fun of the go-kart, because it’s not always the time and place to test the limits of the grip of the Cooper S in turns with a sore lip. Most of the time, you’ll just want to work comfortably or relax behind the wheel. You can then tone down the sporty nature of the MINI Cooper S by choosing quieter driving modes. As a result, the suspension becomes more forgiving to unevenness, and the whole car is a little quieter in its response. It’s quite enough to not force your kart nature on you when you don’t want to.

During daily driving, you will definitely appreciate the many support systems, the transparent digital instrument cluster available on request, the multimedia system and online access (which can be operated not only by touch, but also with a suitable knife in the middle tunnel ) and all the services you should expect from a modern companion in the struggle in the city. However, don’t let the comfort and ease of use of the Cooper S fool you – remember that you can feel the essence of go-kart driving again at any time. Find out for yourself during the MINI Cooper S test drive.