Mini Majk from the crew says that he makes love with his girlfriend even when he is tired

Mini Majk from the crew says that he makes love with his girlfriend even when he is tired

Mini Majk from the crew has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Paulina for a long time. Couples often share videos of their lives. In the last one, they evaluate their “ability in bed”, and Mini Majk admits that he wants to make love with his girlfriend when he is tired and doesn’t want to.

About relationship Mini Mother with Paulina it seems very disturbing, we already wrote last year. Then Crewmate’s Boyfriend He appeared in his films very often (which had not changed fundamentally), but the way he treated him caused a lot of suspicion among the audience.

This time, red flags in this relationship are raised by the latest video that touched Paulina’s profile. the movie”WE ASSESS YOUR OTHER HALF’S BED SKILLS“is to put it mildly, shocking and disturbing.


Mini Majk uses his girlfriend?

As you can tell from Cuban’s text, he referred to previous records Mini Majka, fans have been worried for a long time about the relationship between the worker and his wife girl Pauline. Back then, it was uncomfortable to watch a scene where Mini Majk doesn’t kiss or rub his face against his other half’s breasts.

The latest video of a couple chilling on a boat is perhaps the saddest. In fact, the title itself can tell you a lot about its content. The biggest concern is one particular moment of the entire record.


At some point the question is, to what extent both halves evaluate their “bed skills”. Mini Majk then says that he gives his girlfriend 7 points out of a possible 10, and he gives her 9 points.

The boy claims that he has different ideas and he himself gave the girl 7 points, because he thinks that “Paulinka is sometimes lazy”. He doesn’t want to offend her, but he thinks she has a “do what you want” approach sometimes. The girl then admits that sometimes she doesn’t want to, and Majk still plans a relationship between them.

Sometimes I don’t feel myself. Sometimes I’m tired and I dream about sleeping, and Majk doesn’t dream about sleeping. And Majk wants to investigate. And that’s when I don’t feel like sleeping. And Majk there until the end, stubbornly trying there, does not give up.


Mini Majk and Paulina – is it a good relationship?

I’m already skipping those points Mini Majk always gives his girlfriend a few more points than he does. I will also ignore the fact that when it comes to evaluating statistics, Majk says so Paulina could be in better shape if she exercised.


If it’s really like they say in the movie with a man having sex with his partner when he doesn’t want to, because he is just tired and wants to sleep, it is very disturbing.

Such situations should not occur in any healthy relationship. What happens between Mini Majek and Paulina, Channel viewers are also concerned. They write Fr. inappropriate behavior of the member The team and visible red flags. They suggest that it can also be a form of violence.


In any case, such behavior and talking about it in public is not the best when you consider Mini Majka’s audience. What example does he set for them? Certainly not the best.