Mini Recharged – an electric version of the legendary little one

Mini Recharged – an electric version of the legendary little one

Mini Recharged follows the new trend of converting conventional combustion cars to electric, which connects the world of the past with the electric future. Whether it will last longer, we cannot predict, but we know that such measures are being taken and not only in the rich countries of the West. Reconstruction is carried out by large companies and private participants. We wrote recently Electric DeLoreans and compare them to the natural combustion engine. In Poland, fans of electric cars from Poznań’s EVgarage are in the process of replacing the Citroen DS with a regular Opel GT.

It is not surprising that the specialists from the Mini factory in Oxford also took up the topic. After all, what car is more suitable for such a conversion, as a non-religious “little child”, which at the time was a very modern construction. “If Sir Alec Issigonis could reinvent it Mini“It is difficult to disagree with this statement made by the experts of the BMW concern. The classic Mini was designed to transport four people and luggage on the smallest possible surface and in the most economical way. Today we add ecology to it. Therefore, the classic Mini finds the future of electricity.

Of course, Mini Recharged does not compete with modern Mini Cooper SE, is an offer for ecologically oriented fans of classic cars. A unique first Low power it was presented at the motor show in New York in 2018. After the reaction of public interest, the manufacturer decided to offer the owners of classic Mini cars to convert combustion cars into electricity.

Mini Recharged – reversible changes only

A special feature of the conversion as part of the Mini Recharged is that only reversible changes are made to the car when it is converted in full heritage respect. This makes it possible to restore the Mini classic to its original state. During the conversion, each car’s original engine is marked and stored so that it can be used again – if the owner changes his mind and runs out of a conventional combustion engine.

The car is a modern electric motor with a power of 122 HP, thanks to which the electric Mini accelerates from start to 100 km / h in about 9 seconds. The energy is stored in a high-voltage battery that can be charged with power. up to 6.6 kW. The electric Mini range is approximately 160 km. In addition, in each Mini Recharged A separate group of the central instrument is installed, known since the beginning of the classic, which now, along with the speed, shows the temperature of the car, the gear involved and the variety.

Are you wondering what all this is for? After all, a newborn burns a little, so this is not what this construction is about. In addition to being ecological, the Mini Recharged has all the advantages of an electric car. Not only a quiet line and high acceleration, but also the ability to drive on clean areas in many large cities, inaccessible to vehicles with an internal combustion engine. A special treat for the British is the possibility to drive a Mini classic with an electric car in the center of London on Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus, without paying the ecological tax. Another advantage of this conversion is that the vehicle does not need to be registered again.

Classic Mini conversions take place in the UK only. Each rebuilt car receives its own number, because as is known, customization is one of the main characteristics of the British brand and tradition. To achieve a unique effect, the company plans to collaborate with well-known artists who would create unique copies of Mini Recharged.