Missouri sacked in Sacramento, falls to Princeton

Missouri sacked in Sacramento, falls to Princeton

In a decisive loss Tuesday night in Sacramento, the Missouri Tigers were sacked by Princeton, leaving them with a 0-1 record to start the season.

The Tigers, who entered the game as favorites, struggled to contain the Tigers’ offensive attack throughout the game. Princeton’s offensive line neutralized Missouri’s vaunted defensive front, allowing Princeton quarterback John Doe to throw for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns.

The Tigers offense, meanwhile, was unable to get anything going, as Princeton’s defense clogged the middle and limited Missouri’s running game. With the running game stifled, Missouri was forced to rely on its passing attack, which was unable to exploit Princeton’s defense. Missouri quarterback Joe Smith threw for only 120 yards and no touchdowns, while the Tigers finished with just one offensive touchdown and two field goals.

The loss was a disappointing one for the Tigers, who had high hopes for the season after going 8-4 last year. Missouri will look to regroup and take on Kansas State next week in their home opener.

Princeton’s victory was their first in a season opener since 2011, and their first victory over a ranked opponent since 2010. The Tigers’ offensive performance was impressive and a sign of the progress the program has made in recent years. With the win, Princeton will look to carry the momentum into their next game against Harvard.