Mitsubishi and Astes4 are Tuwi’s newest allies

Mitsubishi and Astes4 are Tuwi’s newest allies

May 27, 2022 – 2 minutes of reading time

In May 2022, Mitsubishi and Astes4 became official Tuwi allies. This gives them exclusive rights to represent both brands in Benelux. For Tuwi as well as for Mitsubishi and Astes4, the partnership is a logical step towards achieving a common goal of elevating the steel industry in the Netherlands and Benelux to a higher level.

Tuwi sees a significant increase in demand for automated solutions from their customers. Companies want to produce more efficiently and efficiently and are looking for solutions to rising material costs and shortages of well-trained technical staff.

Adding Mitsubishi and Astes4 to the delivery program gives Tuwi more options to help customers choose to make their processes automated. Advanced solutions from Mitsubishi and Astes4 are very suitable for this and a great addition to automated solutions from our existing product lines.


An example of solutions to automate production processes are planning systems from Astes4, some of which have already been installed by Tuwi in Dutch companies previously. After many years of development, Astes4 has re-selected Tuwi power and expertise to bring this innovative approach to the Dutch steel companies. Tuwi is the exclusive supplier of Astes4 products to Benelux.

Astes4 is a Swiss Army Armed Robot knife and the best solution for companies facing staff shortages and obstacles due to increased productivity of high-fiber fiber laser. Tuwi sells the series SORT, SORTPRO and XLSIZE in which Dutch steel companies are making great strides in planning their production process more efficiently.

Mitsubishi Electric

In addition to Astes4, Mitsubishi Electric is also committed to Tuwi as a partner. Mitsubishi is known worldwide as a supplier of state-of-the-art solutions, which we can use on the market in the field of cutting technology. An excellent addition to a variety of Durma cutting technology machines.

The initial presentation plan will include a GX fiber laser and an Ex CO2 laser. GX fiber laser is a unique machine. It provides more power and consumes less nitrogen than comparable machines, which translates into lower operating costs and higher profits. In addition, Tuwi offers EX2 series CO2 lenses as one of the cheapest machines on the market for easy cutting.