Mitsubishi ASX (2022): compact SUV with technology from Renault

Mitsubishi ASX (2022): compact SUV with technology from Renault

Market launch and pricing: New ASX coming early 2023

Of Mitsubishi ASX goes to the next round, but that’s not entirely clear SUV It is not. Because the Japanese are there Renault He looked at the shelves and quickly chose to catch selected as the base.

The new one is still due in late 2022 Mitsubishi ASX can be ordered, the first models will be delivered to dealers in early 2023. In terms of price, the Japanese should be in the region of its technological brother, which currently starts at 23,150 euros.

Appearance and dimensions: few differences to Renault Captur

2010 was the first ASX on the market, the technology was somewhat outdated outsiders, the optics were modified from time to time to a greater or lesser extent. With the new generation, the ASX is built on the CMF-B platform, which is also to catch used.

The Mitsubishi lettering on the back shows the ASX, and the rear camera is in the center instead of the logo.

Visually, the difference between the two compact SUVs is very small. The shape of the grille, parallel to it emblem but the planned struts are new, along with its standard LED lights The ASX takes over from the French.

The new ASX will be tougher than ever

The front and side air intakes are not only visual, but also functional, directing air from the front to the front and rear wheels. Basically, his body shape is already dated Renault known. There is no logo on the back, making room for a rear camera.

In terms of specifications, the new ASX has fallen significantly short of competing in the compact SUV segment. With a length of 4.29 meters, it is almost 14 centimeters shorter than its predecessor, it has also lost seven centimeters in height and has a three-centimeter shorter wheelbase, which is visible in the interior.

Dimensions at a glance:

height: 4228 mm (-137 mm to previous)
Broad: 1797 mm (+27 mm to previous)
Height: 1573 mm (-67 mm to previous)
the wheel: 2639 mm (- 31 mm to previous)
trunk volume: 265 (plug-in) / 422 – 1475 liters (depending on engine)

Interior: soft touch front, hard plastic back

The new ASX’s smaller dimensions are particularly noticeable in the interior, with tall people quickly gaining legroom and headroom. You should also keep your head on the safe side when entering because of the slightly sloping roofline. And the trunk also had to lose something, now it gives between 265 liters (plug hybrid) and 422 liters (combustion engine).

Mitsubishi ASX

Shorter dimensions and a shorter wheelbase are especially noticeable in the rear, where things are more subdued.

New infotainment and more assistants

Good details: the dashboard and front door panels are covered with soft-touch surfaces and feel quite smooth, unusual in this class. On the back, these soft-touch features were abandoned and hard plastic was used extensively.

Above all, the infotainment is new, new assistants help to set the route, parking and parking and overview of traffic on the road. A large display is installed on our test car. Meaning: 9.3-inch infotainment in a wireless vertical format Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a 10.25-inch cockpit that can be customized behind the wheel.

Mitsubishi ASX

On request there is a 9.3-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (wireless), seven inches are standard.

In addition to navigation and other services, the central screen can also be used to control driving modes, there are three of them. Eco mode is responsible for high efficiency, Sport for powerful output. The third driving mode Pure represents purely electric driving and is reserved for plug-in hybrids.

Engine and drive: Petrol and hybrid drives in the ASX

Initially there will be five engines under the hood. The entry is a one-liter three-cylinder with turbocharging and 91 hp (67 kW) and a maximum torque of 160 Nm. Above that is a 1.3-liter four-cylinder, also with forced air intake and 140. hp (103 kW) and 260 Nm. There is also a six-speed manual transmission.

Who is there? 1.3er selects automatic (7-speed DSG), gets 158 hp A few extra horses and ten Newton meters more peak torque.

No diesel and no all-wheel drive variant

In addition, there is a complete hybrid in the program, in which the original 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine reaches 143. hp (105 kW), the plug-in hybrid comes with the same 1.6Naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 160 hp.

Mitsubishi ASX

At the launch of the market there are three gasoline engines, a full hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, the power range is between 91 and 160 hp.

A diesel variant of the new ASX is not offered, and the predecessor’s CVT transmission is history. Four-wheel drive is flying out of the program, all engines will come with front-wheel drive. A bit of a shame, but if the price is right in the end, the ASX should be able to hold its own.