Mitsubishi ASX only with Renault engines

Mitsubishi ASX only with Renault engines

Surprisingly, the next generation of Mitsubishi ASX will be launched by Renault engines only. Not so, because the 2023 version is an up-to-date version of the Renault Captur.

Mitsubishi today announces a variety of new ASX engines. At the base is a 1.0-liter cylinder, with a turbo. The gasoline engine produces 91 hp and is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. In addition, 1.3 liters of four cylinders will be available for ASX. This direct injection power source is set as standard for six-speed manual transmission and provides 140 hp. For followers of automatic transmission, a seven-speed automatic transmission is available. The gasoline engine then generates 158 hp.

Mitsubishi ASX 2023
Mitsubishi ASX 2023

From Arkana and Clio

Renault also makes its hybrid engines accessible to the Mitsubishi ASX. A 145 hp 1.6 liter petrol engine with two electric motors is one known from Arkana and Clio. The hybrid power of plug-in from Captur, among others, will also be found in the Mitsubishi variant. The barrier provides 160 horsepower. Mitsubishi indicates it will provide five power trains since the start of sales in the 2023 summer season.

‘Mitsubishi thinks of leaving Europe again’

Double life for Renault Captur, Mitsubishi announces ASX successor

European escape article

With the exception of the engine, almost everything comes from Renault. The French designed a car like Captur and now they are posting Mitsubishi logos on it. The country also has a Renault wybertje. The idea of ​​installing Captur, as well as a few models that have not yet been announced, as Mitsubishi comes from Renault. The two products are connected via Nissan. Mitsubishi wanted to withdraw from Europe because the demand for delivery and security for the new structures was becoming higher and thus more expensive.

However, the number of Japanese brand sales is quite low. According to the manufacturer, air travel was the solution, but Renault reached out to Mitsubishi and ensured that the brand remained in Europe. By converting the Renaults to Mitsubishi, the Japanese brand acquires European designs that already meet all the crazy needs of the government. Costs are now widespread in large amounts of cars rather than investing differently in different models.

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