Mitsubishi ASX: spoiled for peace and comfort

Mitsubishi ASX: spoiled for peace and comfort

The Mitsubishi ASX is also offered as a plug-in hybrid.

It still takes a while. But in March the time has come. Then Mitsubishi sends the new generation ASX to the market.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, especially in the automotive industry. In 2020, Mitsubishi announced that it will no longer build European models. The high cost and the expected amount did not go together. Not the best conditions for brand integration, for keeping merchants and loyal customers.

At that time, the model portfolio consisted of a smaller car Space StarSmall SUV ASX, slightly larger Eclipse and Top model Outlander. The ASX and Outlander were discontinued two years ago.

Renault-Nissan supports it

Now, however, Mitsubishi wants to regain momentum in Europe. The reason is the technical support of the Renault-Nissan alliance, which Mitsubishi joined back in 2016. This means that even a small one can help itself from the shelf of a large group, which saves a lot of money and puts a new model on financial health.

The new ASX is a first. The SUV in segment B will go on sale in March starting at 24,650 euros. If you look closely, you think you’ve seen a pattern somewhere in a similar form. You can’t go wrong with that. The ASX is more or less a copy of the Renault Captur. Which shouldn’t be a bad thing, the little Frenchman is one of the best sellers in the segment.

development time is saved

Mitsubishi ASX offers a modern looking cockpit. Photo: Mitsubishi

Such a technique is not new. Even Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii are nothing more than VW Up!. This not only saves money, but above all a lot of development time. Otherwise Mitsubishi wouldn’t have gotten its ASX on the road so quickly. And quickly it was needed so as not to let the dry season come again.

The Japanese will offer the ASX with five different drives, except for the basic three-cylinder version, all of which are electric, from mild to full to plug-in hybrids. We tried the second one on the first visit to the south of Spain.

a distance of 64 kilometers

It would be presumptuous to say that the ASX performs differently than the Captur. Chassis tuning and steering are no different. The ASX also spoils you with its peace and comfort. Of course, this is especially noticeable in the case of driving an electric car. If everything goes well, the battery capacity (10.5 kWh) in the city is enough for 64 km, it should be 40 in the mix.

At that point soon, the combustion engine starts – and this very discreetly so as not to spoil the overall comfort. Even if most of the power is called directly, the 1.6 liter petrol engine with 68 kW/92 hp comes into play.

Travelers run on electricity only

If you don’t travel more than 40 to 50 kilometers per day – a typical commuter distance – and you have a wall box at home or work, you can drive the ASX all-electric during the week. Longer distances are normally run through the petrol engine, while the electric motor (67 hp) helps during acceleration when the battery is almost empty. System performance is sufficient 159 hp available.

Internally, the ASX offers a good position. Adults can also sit comfortably in the back. The rear seat can be moved (16 cm), depending on whether you want more luggage or more leg room. The trunk has only 221 liters, a tribute to the large battery in the back. However, the amount is quite sufficient for daily use. If you lower the backs of the rear seats, the cargo volume increases to 1,118 liters. The basic petrol engine offers more cargo space, with 351 and 1,275 liters respectively.

The usual digital car world is placed behind the steering wheel, similar to the one found in Renault. A large vertically oriented touchscreen dominates the center of the dashboard. If you don’t feel the buttons working, you can enable voice recognition on the steering wheel. Siri from Apple or Google Assistant can also be used and brought to the car via smartphone.

various assistants

Mitsubsihi ASX offers a lot of comfort. Photo: Mitsubishi

When it comes to support systems, the ASX benefits from the group’s modern platform CMF-B – they already use the Renault Clio, Captur and Nissan Juke – so that, in terms of equipment, everything that is common in the class today is enabled. board. These include not only collision warning, pedestrian detection, emergency braking, distance control, lane keeping, reading signals, parking sensors and reversing camera, but also blind spot warning, high beam direct with the MI Pilot system, which combines cruise control including functions. next way, better for example in slow and boring freeway traffic.

While the overall impression left by the plug-in hybrid variant is pleasing, this engine is also the most expensive in the ASX range. It is around 40,000 euros. Furthermore, the buyer will no longer receive any funding (environmental bonus) this year. It is worth looking at the standard hybrid ASX, which can drive only a few kilometers on electricity, but often enjoys electric assistance (adding). This not only saves fuel (4.7 liter normal consumption), but also a chunk of money in the purchase. It is exactly 8,400 euros. (SP-X)