Mitsubishi designs NOMADPro, a mobile truck!

Mitsubishi designs NOMADPro, a mobile truck!

Mitsubishi is launching NOMADPro, a mobile truck that lets you work and move. Good news for those who love telework!

To say that working habits have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic is not very original. What is less known, however, is that the epidemic has it also affected the automotive industry. not only due to supply issues or the development of new forms of mobility.

But just because new cars have appeared deal with teleworking! It is also a very objective telecommunications trucks. A transport truck concept straight from Japan. And which depends on the idea called “harnessing the healing power of nature”. In short, these cars would make it possible to connect with the outside world and avoid the stress caused by frequent meetings.

A telecommunications truck manufactured by Mitsubishi

In fact, the number of telecommuters wanting to travel increased rapidly after the pandemic. Logically, caravan requirements and of modified cars has also increased rapidly. With a great understanding of business, Mitsubishi then smelled a market flaw and launched an exciting new concept: the telecom truck.

This project is being developed in collaboration with a specialized producer of commercial vehicles, Pabcoand also a coachbuilder, Dream Park. It is more precisely aboutlight car, named NOMADPro. He was renovated as a mobile office and is provided with all the necessary amenities for comfort. With this vehicle, the brand also shows consumers its vision of teleportation: a time when comfort, stability and mobility are as much a priority as a job.

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A practical and comfortable work space

A small exception: the car furniture was selected according to layout of traditional Japanese gardens. This is to reduce stress. In addition, the chairs are made of fine wood and tiles are embedded in the cabinets, as is the Japanese custom. The main room can also accommodate two people, with enough space so they don’t overlap.

If it’s a truck, NOMAD Pro it was also designed for residents to stay there for several days. Thus, the manufacturer has set services similar to those of a small apartment, such as a retractable bed, a stove, a sink and a shower. In addition, residents also have the possibility to create a small bamboo terrace by lifting the wing of the truck!

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