Mitsubishi Electric’s main character at Mecspe 2024 with the M8V CNC range

Mitsubishi Electric’s main character at Mecspe 2024 with the M8V CNC range

Mitsubishi Electric participate in Mecspe 2024 (pad. 14 – stand A14)the international exhibition of reference for the manufacturing sector organized in BolognaFiere from 6 to 8 Marchand its range of M8V CNC series. The M8V series numerical controls represent the evolution of Industry 4.0 CNC optical technology, as they are Wi-Fi integrated and designed to support strategies aimed at digital transformation and empowerment. smart manufacturing. Thanks to direct connection to WLAN networks, the M8V series is the link between machines and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) environments aimed at ‘smart’ production based on data. Thanks to the original design that ensures protection against network interference, users can operate and monitor CNC machine tools reliably and safely anywhere, anytime through connected devices, such as laptops.

Accuracy and speed

The latest generation M8V numerical control provides high precision and speed. The combination of a dedicated RISC-64 Bit CPU, OMR-CC and automatic cut-load control (Load Cut Control) helps companies reduce processing times while benefiting from high accuracy. These features allow you to create high-quality products by reducing cycle times by at least 11% compared to previous models, also reducing path errors by 15%, managing a process of up to 540 kg per minute. The M8V series finds applications in all industries, from Automotive to Medical to Aerospace. It represents the best solution for any type of machine, from the simplest to the most complex, for example, transfers, multi-tools and all machines that require high precision and high-speed processing on 5 interlaced axes, such as those in the mold industry. The M8V series also integrates components specifically designed to meet the needs of new markets, such as laser processing machines, a rapidly growing sector. For this reason, features such as fly-cut have been added that allow the laser source to be aligned and moved along the axes, thereby reducing cycle times.

M8V CNCs, like all Mitsubishi Electric M8 series numerical controls, also offer DRC (Direct Robot Control) functionality.

Ease of application and use

Another distinguishing feature of this series of CNC controllers is ease of use. The interactive panel interface supports 4-point multi-touch gestures, giving the user a smartphone-like experience. Thanks to the intuitive design, users can easily control and monitor important process parameters. Programming is made easy and simple with the Work Lathe wizard that guides users through installation and configuration. Therefore, the interaction with the controller is very easy, even for workers without G-code skills. In addition, a large display screen 19”, which was added in the series M8V for those already available in 8.4, 10.4 and 15 inchesit improves visibility and makes the design of the operator panel easier.

M8V CNCs, like all Mitsubishi Electric M8 series numerical controls, also offer DRC (Direct Robot Control) functionality, which allows machine tool operators to quickly program robots directly from the CNC panel , without special skills. Ease of use, configuration and connection is a distinctive feature of this performance developed by the Japanese multinational, as well as the possibility of keeping the logic of the machine unchanged. It is enough to connect the robot to the CNC machine with a simple cable Ethernet and connect emergency cables to instantly enable system-wide management functions. The use of robots in the world of machine tools allows for simpler operations and higher production rates, hence greater competition and increased profitability. The adoption of automatic Robot Control work allows you to further increase these advantages, and add new ones: first of all, it favors a reduction in costs, since the integration can be done without changes to the level of equipment and it is no longer necessary to purchase. separate robot control unit. In addition, it makes it easy to create custom robot management and diagnosis screens and view them on the CNC display, as well as make changes to the robot’s performance by programming in G code through the CNC in a simple and intuitive way.