Mitsubishi Electric’s new partner of KNVB Green Club

Mitsubishi Electric’s new partner of KNVB Green Club

Mitsubishi Electric and KNVB strive to take the next step in making all the youth clubs in the Netherlands more sustainable and faster. – Photo: KNVB Media

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the world’s leading names in the production of heat pumps and air conditioners, has been dedicated to KNVB Groene Club for at least two seasons.

On Thursday 23 June, both sides signed the agreement during a client ceremony on the KNVB Campus, presented by Hélène Hendriks. Mitsubishi Electric and KNVB strive to take the next step in making all the youth clubs in the Netherlands more sustainable and faster. Both sides consider it very important to make a collective contribution to a healthy planet. Mitsubishi Electric and KNVB also believe that caring for the environment may contribute to the club’s health risks.


“It’s great that an ambitious organization like Mitsubishi Electric is joining Green Club,” said KNVB’s Partnership & New Business Manager Marc Nipius. “Green Club was established by KNVB to help sports clubs make energy use more sustainable. We have made great strides in this area in recent years, including the introduction of solar panels, insulation and LED lighting. We are proud that more than 1200 inexperienced players’ clubs have already joined. This partnership with Mitsubishi Electric comes at a time when we are on the verge of a new challenge in sustainability. “

– Arjen de Jong (left) and Marc Nipius confirm the partnership.

“With rising energy prices, the cost (+/- 15% of all costs) for inexperienced clubs is increasing rapidly. With Mitsubishi Electric we have the opportunity to make elite clubs and their members more aware of the climate crisis and climate: a positive contribution that We would like to empower all parties that are now members of the Green Club to contribute to a healthy planet, for example by installing a heat pump. sports facilities do not have natural gas. ”

Sharing with added value

“For Mitsubishi Electric, this partnership with KNVB Green Club is logical and, above all, a very good move”, says Arjen de Jong, general manager of Alklima / Mitsubishi Electric. “We look forward to working with KNVB. In line with our ‘Partnership and Value Addition’ philosophy, we are now working with KNVB to further develop our plans to make new player clubs more sustainable. “

“The Dutch football network, along with thousands of players’ clubs and millions of fans, offers a great opportunity to highlight the potential for sustainability for everyone. In addition, the partnership with KNVB Groene Club gives us an opportunity to grow. in the business and social aspirations we have. “

– Based on the philosophy of ‘Valued Partnership’, Alklima leads and advises installers, consultants and other stakeholders in the construction industry on issues related to sustainable installation.

Sustainable action

KNVB manages strong sports associations that are financially healthy. Taking sustainable steps that lead to a reduction in energy bills contributes to this. Energy is one of the most expensive for a party. But often the lack of knowledge and time among party volunteers is a barrier to starting with this. That’s why KNVB founded De Groene Club in 2017; an independent club that assists and removes parties in a sustainable process.

Alklima BV has been the exclusive supplier of Mitsubishi Electric & air conditioning pumps to the Netherlands for over 25 years. related to sustainable installation. Sharing knowledge and providing education and training are key factors in this regard. More than 90 employees from Alblasserdam are also responsible for the sale, distribution and service of climate control, hot water and ventilation equipment.